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Marco´s Glasses (マルコのメガネ) is a series of glasses worn by Marco Lasso.


The glasses are worn by Marco Lasso because of his high astigmatism. They can break easily so he carries three spare pairs of glasses inside his shoulder pad. Each has a different degree of resistance, so Marco change between them, depending on the level of stress he is feeling. Even though they break easily, the lenses are bulletproof.[1]

During his final battle with Luchist Lasso Marco used the pair he was wearing, to create a decoy Over Soul of himself, with his Archangel Michael in order to fool Luchist. Marco then gave the same pair to Lyserg Diethel as a sign of apology for the trouble he had caused him, believing Lyserg would look good wearing them.[2] Because Lyserg did not need the glasses, he put them in his chest pocket, where their bulletproof properties later protected him from an attack to his chest by Bron.[3]

Anime/Manga Differences[]

The fact that the glasses are bulletproof is never mentioned in the anime series.



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