Japanese Name: マイア
Romanized Name: Maia
English Name: Miya
First Appearance: Episode 49(Anime)
Affiliations: Team "Enseioth"
Occupations: Shaman
Japanese VA: Sayuri Yamauchi
English VA:
Furyoku Level:
Guardian Ghost
Japanese Name: Goddess of Earth
English Name: Goddess of Earth
Type: Serei Class

Maya (マイア, Maia) is a fictional character in the anime series of Shaman King. She is the mother of Melos and wife of Ados.


She has long brown hair and wears a small headband around her head. She also wears a white dress with a golden necklace. Her facial features are similar to Sharona's.


She is a person that always pushes herself without resting. She never gives up because she does it for her family.

Abilites and PowersEdit


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She use a shield for her medium. She can transfers her Furyoku to her husband, Ados.


Shaman Fights Second RoundEdit

She is first seen sitting on a bench near Manta and Faust. She faints on the bench and becomes dehydrated. Faust sees her and gives her water. She thanks him and tells him and Manta that she and her family are participating in the Shaman Fight. After Team "Enseioth"'s fight with Team "LCT", she gets knocked unconscious because she keeps transferring her Furyoku to Ados during every fight. Faust says that nobody can use more Furyoku than they have. The next day, she and her family fight Team "Funbari Onsen". Faust destroys Ado's Oversoul twice. After transferring her power the third time, she gets knocked out because her body has reached its limits. Faust promises to cure her and Ados after the battle.

She and her family return to watch Yoh's final fight with Hao.

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