Meene Montgomery
Meene Montgomery
Japanese Name: ミイネ・モンゴメリー
Romanized Name: "Miine Mongomerī"
English Name: Minnie Montgomery[1]
First Appearance: Chapter 104 (Manga)
Episode 25 (Anime)
Affiliations: X-Laws
Team "X-III"
Occupations: Former member of the Canadian Special Forces
Epithet: n/a
Japanese VA: Tomoko Kawakami
English VA: Michelle Newman
Furyoku Level: 8.300 (Initial)
8.800 (Final)
Guardian Ghost
Japanese Name: Gabriel
English Name: Gabriel
Meaning: "God is my strength"
Type: Seirei Class

Meene Montgomery (ミイネ・モンゴメリー, "Miine mongomerī") is a fictional character in the manga and anime series of Shaman King. She is a member of the X-Laws and Team "X-III". Like many of the other X-Laws, Meene was once part of a military group.


She is a tall woman that has long flowing blond hair and bright green eyes. Meene wears a modified X-Laws white uniform that includes a small shoulder guard and black high heeled boots.

Her street clothes consist of a red dress and high heels.


Her most commonly seen personality is that of the other X-Laws that is cruel, harsh, and believing that the end will always justify the means. However, Meena is a really caring person, who thinks that kindness is what is needed to save this world and not just blind justice. It is also shown that Meene is the only person who is nice to Lyserg Diethel and acts sisterly yet motherly figure towards him. It is this kindness that is the secret of her strength and she is the kind of person everyone likes.

Her favorite pastime is swimming.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit


See More: Gabriel

Her guardian ghost is Archangel Gabriel (アークエンジェル・ガブリエル, Aakuenjeru Gaburieru). Gabriel is a mechanical Archangel spirit who´s base vehicle is the Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ. It is best suited for support during a fight, attacking from behind others or from the side.[3] Like all other archangels Gabriel has the ability to shatter souls. Sometime after the Shaman Fights, Gabriel somehow received Lucifer´s mace.[4]



Meene was born on January 26, 1981, and was from Montreal, Canada, where she was raised by her late father. He was a member of the army and when he passed away, she decided to join in too. She would eventually join the Canadian Special Forces, and took part in the Emergency Response Team.[5] She also formerly worked for the Swiss Armed Forces, as part of the ground forces. Meene was a promising elite woman with a bright future, but when she first went to headquarters she encountered her father's spirit there. He warned her that a young boy named Hao had killed him, and from then on she started gathering information on the young shaman. Eventually, she heard of the X-Laws and decided to join them.[6]

Travel Through AmericaEdit

Shaman Fights Second RoundEdit

Meene, Venstar, and Cebin as Team "X-III" were paired against Hao himself, Opacho, and the fallen X-Law Luchist Lasso. Hao said he fight them alone to which X-III opened up with a smaller version of the "Archangel Fire". Before anyone could realize it, had Hao created his Over Soul and impaled Meene. Before Hao was targeted again by Cebin Mendel, he decided to burn her body down to her soul.

She was, however, not completely dead and after Hao obliterated the rest of X-III, her soul was eaten by the Spirit of Fire.[7]

Invading the PlantsEdit

When Hao created a Black Hole within the Great Spirit, the X-Laws appeared in their "Supercars" to protect the Soul Train.[8]


X-Laws Protecting Jeanne´s grave

Meene guarding Jeanne´s grave

Meene, along some of the other members of the X-Laws, was revived at some point after the Shaman Fights.

Unknown to the Tao Family Meene somehow learned about the death of Jeanne and together with John & Hans volunteered to stand guard at her grave, without even being asked.[4]

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

In the Manga series, she died fighting Hao's Spirit of Fire in the second day of fights while in the anime, Meene died along with Gabriel when the Spirit of Fire turned into water while Gabriel strikes it in the head, while the Spirit of Fire throw ice spikes at Gabriel while Meene was protecting Lyserg [9]

Gate of BabylonEdit


  • Her favorite food is pancakes.
  • She is quite popular among the X-Laws men and they have even created a secret fan club.[6]


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External LinksEdit

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