Memory Tablet Armor
Memory Tablet Armor
Japanese Name: メモリタブレットアーマー
Romanized Name: "Memoritaburettoāmā"
English Name: n/a
First Appearance: Chapter 75(Manga)
Episode 24(Anime)
Type: Armor
Wielder: Tao Yúan

The Memory Tablet Armor(メモリタブレットアーマー,"Memoritaburettoāmā") is an armor worn by Tao Yúan


To carry the several spirits of his ancestors, Yúan wears their memory tablets like an old-fashioned armor on his upper body, upper arms on his skirt and a single one on each of his wrists. He wears a red shirt beneath and the armor is usually hidden by his robes. It also acts as the medium for his Dà Dào Wáng Over Soul.

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