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Meril Inugami
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Japanese Name: 犬神 メリル
Romanized Name: "Inugami Meriru"
English Name: Meril Inugami
First Appearance: Shaman King: Power of Spirit
Occupations: Shaman
Epithet: Masked Meril
Japanese VA: Makoto Tsumura
English VA: Kerry Williams
Furyoku Level:
Guardian Ghost
Japanese Name: Fenrir
English Name: Fenrir
Meaning: "From The Swamp"
Type: Animal Class

Meril Inugami(犬神 メリル,"Inugami Meriru") is a character that only appears in the PlayStation 2 game Shaman King: Power of Spirit. Originally, she was a tool created by the Force Millennium for their World Domination. However, she was somewhat thrown out into the land of Japan to learn the ways of Shamanic.


Meril has maroon hair and red eyes. She wears a striped red long sleeve with a light green shirt on top that has a green checkered hood and has three bone-shaped buttons and a necklace made up of silver rock.


According to Manta, she has a Split-Personality because though she seems to be very cheerful and easy going she has a short temper and gets all evil when confronted with an enemy. She seems to like Yoh and even glomp him, making Anna a bit little jealous and punishing him off-screen for it. She seems to be upset that Yoh only thinks of her only as a friend. but she offends respects, Anna, much, and wants to be just like her to the dismay of others at the thought of two Anna's at the same time.

Abilities and PowersEdit

She can do Spirit Fusion and a simple Over Soul with her Izanami Amulet and form a head of a wolf as her basic O.S. She cannot do a double medium, though she can execute a powerful attack called "Lunatic Howl".


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Not much of her past is known but she mentioned that she was created by force millennium. Meril was an experiment that was supposed to control Zeobide. She had to hold a huge massive amount of Furyoku level. Captain Vinuvall implanted false memories of Meril being Yoh's friend. Meril's true name was Kalis, but her heart chooses Meril.

Shaman Fights in TokyoEdit

Meril was constantly pursued by the mysterious unknown team of Force Millennium. At some unknown point, Meril begins to slowly regain some of her memory of being a member of Force Millennium but she was entirely sure. but she managed to fight back while Hackel and his followers soon attacked her, Ryu and Yoh, Hackel soon called out to her that she was the "vessel".

Shaman Fight, Second RoundEdit

She was able to go into Patch Village, more information is told about Force Millennium and how they have stolen Furyoku from other Shaman participants. Yoh and the others went to check and they soon engage in battle with force millennium. however, they use the Golem and blasts a powerful ray of Furyoku at her that somehow causes her to be badly injured. After that, she was later taken by Zerumo, later on, she returns as a masked figure is known as "Masked Meril" is later revealed as on their side.



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