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Mic the Jaguar (ジャガーのミック Jagā no Mikku) is a Seirei-Class animal spirit and the guardian ghost of Chocolove McDonell.


Mic Spirit Ball Mode

A jaguar spirit who is Chocolove's guardian ghost. He used to belong to Chocolove's mentor. At first, he looks like a normal animal ghost, but in reality, he's a very old and powerful nature spirit. The jaguar is the most brutal carnivore in South America, and therefore they have always been revered.

These animals are impulsive and they usually attack enemies and rivals with no mercy, but Mic has calmed down with the years and now is a gentle and a kind animal. It doesn't matter if he has to act as a guardian ghost or a supporting comedian, he will always help Chocolove.[1]

According to Chocolove with his nose, he can smell all, with his eyes, he can see all and with his claws, he can catch everything.

Oversouls and Attacks[]

O.S. Mic/Black Jaguar[]

O.S. "Mic/Black Jaguar" (O.S.ミック/黒いジャガー)

O.S. "Black Jaguar"

  • Shaman: Chocolove McDonell
  • O.S. Type: Weapon/Unity Type
  • Spirit Ally: Mic the Jaguar (Jaguar Familiar)
  • Medium used: Shaft Claws & himself

Description: While the basic O.S. simply materializes Mic the jaguar spirit through Chocolove's Shaft Claws, Chocolove can initiate a special 'Integration Over Soul' by allowing the jaguar to possess his head and limbs and integrating with his Over Soul, thus becoming the "Black Jaguar". In this state, Chocolove's body is covered with blemish spots of Furyoku and acquires cat-like speed and reflexes from the jaguar limb O.S. extending from his arms and feet. This technique was taught to him by an old Indio shaman named Orona who introduced him to shaman magic and inspired him to become a comedian.


  • Shaft (SHAFTシャフト Shafuto, Slice in the English manga): His first attack. Chocolove simply increases his speed and moves his claws straight and strikes. This is very basic but it does work due to the increase in speed and it is quite effective.[2]
  • Gag Wind (GAGギャグWINDウインド Gyagu Uindo): By focusing his Furyoku level, Chocolove can create larger objects and use them for jokes. In the one instant he uses it, he creates a large version of the Ayers Rock which is also called "Earth's Belly Button", while he makes his own navel very pronounced and even has a little handmade kangaroo on it. This joke does apparently only works on spirits, but in time it is also very efficient.[3]

O.S. Jaguarman[]

O.S. "Jaguarman" (O.S.ジャガーマン Jagāman)

O.S. "Jaguarman"

  • Shaman: Chocolove McDonell
  • O.S. Type: Armor Type
  • Spirit Ally: Mic the Jaguar (Jaguar Familiar) & Pascal Avaf (Olmec Spirit)
  • Medium used: Shaft Claws

Description: An Armor-type Over Soul which Chocolove creates by integrating Mic the jaguar with Pascal Avaf into his Shaft Claws. The two spirits produce Aztec-like jaguar armor which covers Chocolove's entire body, complete with a set of giant armored claws and protective jaguar-head mask.[4]

This O.S. gives Chocolove the ability to move at incredible supersonic-speeds, utilizing the power of the wind. This enables him to evade virtually any attack and initiate his own counterstrike immediately afterward. On a side note, Pascal Avaf can speak through the O.S. armor. It should also be noted that Jaguarman is able to shoot an unnamed beam attack from the eyes of the jaguar mask.[5]


  • Jaguarshaft (ジャガーシャフト Jagā Shafuto): A cutting technique using the claw size and speed of his new Over Soul.[4]

O.S. in Air[]

O.S. in Air

Chocolove's Unnamed O.S.

  • Shaman: Chocolove McDonell
  • O.S. Type: Spirit Type
  • Spirit Ally: Mic the Jaguar (Jaguar Familiar) & Pascal Avaf (Olmec Spirit)
  • Medium used: The Air

Description: By integrating both Mic and Pascal Avaf into the surrounding air, much like how Hao manifests the Spirit of Fire, this Over Soul allows Chocolove to spread his Furyoku without limit, resulting in a powerful wind that can be used to attack. Due to the wind's erosive properties, this Over Soul has the power to turn everything into a desert, as demonstrated when it completely dried up and destroyed Thalim's most powerful oversoul.


  • Winning Ayers Rock (ガチ☆エアーズロック Gachi☆Eāzurokku): Chocolove drops a recreation of Ayers Rock on his opponent with one hand, defeating them instantly.[6]

Anime Only[]

Giant O.S. Mic/Black Jaguar[]

Giant Oversoul Mic

Giant O.S. "Mic/Black Jaguar" (Giant O.S.ミック/黒いジャガー)[7]

  • Shaman: Chocolove McDonell
  • O.S. Type: Giant Type
  • Spirit Ally: Mic the Jaguar (Jaguar Familiar)
  • Medium used: Shaft Claws/himself

Description: In the 2001 anime series, Chocolove expands on this Over Soul after experiencing the world within the Chō-Senjiryakketsu, and the result is a Giant O.S. called "Speed Hoiirugu". His guardian ghost becomes (naturally) huge, and sprouts wings and several car accessories: wheels, racer-type exhaust pipes, and a metallic-type mane.


  • Mic's name is a take-off of Mick Jagger.
  • "Black Jaguar" and "Shaft" are references to the movie Shaft, whose Japanese title is Black Jaguar.
  • The fact his Jaguar becomes car-like, in Giant O.S. is considered another joke from his part (Jaguar, the car brand).
  • O.S. Jaguarman is the first armor-type O.S. seen in the series.
  • His Giant O.S. had a pair of black horns which were taken off of him at some point in the Shaman King series.


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