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Miki's Life is a manga created by Japanese manga-ka Hiroyuki Takei. It is two-part side story that occurs approximately 12 years before the start of the series, it recounts the events that surround the first meeting of Yoh's parents, and the ultimate fate of Mikihisa.

Mikihisa had rented an apartment near the Heibu Ikeikebukuro station. His roommates of an unknown band were arguing and he went out. While singing, a girl throws a coin to his guitar case and asks him to sing her a song, introducing herself as Keiko and explaining that her boyfriend dumped her. Mikihisa finds Keiko his type and wonders why someone would dump a beautiful woman like her. Keiko explains she can see things normal people can't and states that Mikihisa had a ghost behind him. Mikihisa has the same gift, but as that brought him many troubles, he acts as if he doesn't know what she means. In the second part, Keiko brings Mikihisa to her temporary house, which surprises him at how big and luxurious it is and realizes Keiko is rich. She invites him inside for a coffee and eventually they end up marrying. Years later, his grandson wishes that he could meet Mikihisa.


  • Asakura Mikihisa - Living in Funbarigaoka and still known as Miki Mikihisa, Mikihisa spends his day as musician and wishing to become like John Lennon.
  • Asakura Keiko - After being dumped by her boyfriend, she meets Mikihisa and wants he to sing her a song.


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