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Mikihisa's Guitar(ミキヒサのギター, "Mikihisa no gitā") is a guitar owned by Asakura Mikihisa.


The guitar was old and worn and Mikihisa had it for many years. It had a shoulder strap on it and a paper with Mikihisa's name written on it attached to the body. Mikihisa used it when he played music for money at Funbari Train Station and met Asakura Keiko for the first time. He kept it after their marriage, though it was eventually left in a closet at their house in Izumo.

Years later it was found by his son, Asakura Yoh, who, after using Hyōi Gattai with the spirit of Shimamura Jōtarō, used it to play Jōtarō's music for his fiancée Suzu to help her pass on. It was eventually left at Jōtarō grave, unknown to Mikihisa who didn't even known it had been taken in the first place.[1]

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