Japanese Name: ミリー
Romanized Name: Mirī
English Name: Millie
First Appearance: Episode 17 (Anime)
Affiliations: Lily Five
Occupations: Shaman
Japanese VA: Miyako Itō
English VA: Amy Palant
Furyoku Level: n/a
Guardian Ghost
Japanese Name: Onibi Onibi
English Name: Tama chan
Meaning: "Revive"
Type: Animal Class

Millie (ミリー, "Mirī") is a fictional character in the anime series of Shaman King. She is the crybaby of the group of Lily Five. She seemingly has a crush on Lyserg Diethel.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She have shoulder length dark brown hair with a light pink headband in her hair. Millie wears a red skirt with yellow flowers with a red top along with it and wears white snow boots.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Millie is just like Lilly, but cheerful and happy, though she often cries. She loves to hang out with Ellie, but in the past, she was very sad. During the Shaman Fight, she develops a crush on Lyserg Diethel. She also likes candy.

Abilities and Powers[edit | edit source]

Spirit[edit | edit source]

See More: Onibi Onibi

She uses a slingshot as her medium. Her spirit is Onibi Onibi (鬼火 鬼火), who appears in the shape of a fireball with the face of a fox, that when merges with the slingshot become a crossbow.

History[edit | edit source]

Past[edit | edit source]

She was abandoned by her mother, because of her ability to see ghosts when she was a little girl.[1]

Shaman Fights in Tokyo[edit | edit source]

She and Ellie make their first appearance when attacking Ryu. When Mikihisa shows up, Millie and Ellie run away. The next time is when Yoh emerges out of Yomi's hole, Ellie and Millie attack Yoh but failed.

Travel Through America[edit | edit source]

Millie and her team of four girls follow Asakura Yoh and his team to learn about the whereabouts of Patch Village. After Sally destroys the cabin house, Sharona orders Millie and the other girls to attack, but Yoh and his team easily defeat them off. Sharona quickly calls up a retreat.[2]

Millie meets Lyserg again when Sharona observes how strong Lyserg is when Sharona and her teammates see Lyserg defeat Savage Pan, Green Garam, and Mr. Little Lake. This makes Sharona force Millie ask him. Although Lyserg is not smitten, Sharona and her teammates surprise attack Lyserg, yet Lyserg defeat them with great ease. After Sharona and the other three run away, Millie later informs Lyserg about the strong shamans they were following.[3]

Millie reunites with Lyserg as she comes to the diner to hug Lyserg. She warns Lyserg that the three shamans that Lyserg defeated from earlier are planning to take revenge on him. When Lyserg and Millie are down, Yoh, Ryu, Horohoro, and Ren come to their rescue. After Lyserg claims his spirit ally Morphine, he defeats Mr. Little Lake with Big Ben of Friendship. Millie bids Lyserg farewell.[4]

Shaman Fights Second Round[edit | edit source]

Millie and rest of the Lily Five did not fight in any matches until late in the tournament. They were eventually scheduled to fight Asakura Hao's team. They did plan on fighting but Yoh tried to talk them out of it. Convinced that the five could beat him if they worked together but Yoh was not. So he challenged both of them to a fight. If he lost he'd let them fight Hao, if he won, they'd drop out. In the end, the Lily Five did win, but at the cost of all their Furyoku and were unable to continue fighting anyway.[5]

Epilogue[edit | edit source]

After the shaman tournament, Millie and the rest of her teammates opened up a flower shop together with the help of Silva and Kalim.[6]

Anime/Manga Difference[edit | edit source]

She doesn't appear in the Manga series. In the japanese version of the anime series Millie uses a gun, but in 4Kids version, they changed it to a crossbow.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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External Links[edit | edit source]

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