Missionary of Dragon
The Prophecy



Doragon no Dendōshi

Japan Air Date

June 5, 2002

English Air Date

January 31, 2005



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song

Northern Lights

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Really Naive
Doctor Doctor

Missionary of Dragon (ドラゴンの伝道師) is the 48th episode of the anime series of Shaman King.

Summary[edit | edit source]

As Horohoro walks through the streets of Patch Village, he bumps into his sister Pirica. As a group of people is stating that the world will end, Horohoro states that the world won't because he's going to become Shaman King. Later on, as Pirika tells Horohoro that she came to give Horohoro more training, the group of people from earlier show-up and tell Horohoro to give up on becoming Shaman King and follow their beliefs. Horohoro and Pirica then decide to leave.

Meanwhile, Yoh and the others are walking through town. As they meet with Horohoro and Pirika, Pirikia actually laughs at one of Chocolove's jokes. Then, Horohoro and Pirika tell Yoh and the others what happened earlier that day in the town. Later on, as Horohoro is doing training, the group of people show up again and try to "save" Horohoro. At that time, the next opponent for Horohoro and his team, Team "Sabbath". Horohoro then finds out that the group of people are Team "Sabbath". That evening, Pirica is worried about Horohoro but he states that he won't let his chance go to waste in this Shaman Fight. The next day, everyone is in the stadium to watch the fight between Team "The Ren" and Team "Sabbath". As Kalim of the 10 Patch Officiants starts the fight, both teams immediately use their Over Soul. As both Teams attack each other clash and dodge various attacks from each other. As Chocolove and Ren are attacked again, they dodge the attack and destroy Aiyomi and Ouji's Oversouls. 

As Horohoro then attacks Ronny, he gets trapped in a sphere created by Ronny's Oversoul. As Horohoro realities he can't use his Oversoul in the sphere, he gets hit but realities Pirika has the pattern all her fate in him. As Ronny attacks Horohoro again, Horohoro is able to destroy the sphere by using his strongest Over Soul. As Kalim of the 10 Patch Officiants declares Team "The Ren" as the winner of the match, Ronny compliments Horohoro. As Team "Sabbath" leave the stadium, Pirica comes running to Horohoro in happiness. Later on, Pirica makes Horohoro do even more training.

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