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Mohamed Tabarsi (モハメド・タバルスィー, Mohamedo Tabarusī), nicknamed Turbine (ターバイン, Tābain), is a fictional character in the manga and anime series of Shaman King. He is one of Hao's followers and seems to be of a high-rank as he is usually the leader of his peers when sent to attack Asakura Yoh's friends.


Mohamed's Star Festival combat clothes.

Mohamed has yellow eyes, tanned skin, and short black wavy unkempt hair.[3] He is usually seen wearing long white thawb, sometimes hiding his face and head with a white turban and white veil. He has green armbands, a sash on his waist, with a glass jewel medium on the back of his right palm of his hand that he uses for his Over Soul, and he also wears a pair of black sandals.[4]

His casual clothes consist of a hat, green scarf, a pair of jeans while wearing red sneakers shoes while wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt, and a star pattern on the front, representing Hao.[5]

During the Star Festival, he wore very simple clothes. showing his upper body and face, including the long white turban that he wrapped around his neck in a form of a scarf, and he also had few accessories that were a golden necklace, golden armlets, and a Persian block belt that was holding his sarong in place.[3]


From an early age, he believed his purpose in life was to protect the weak.[4] Like most of the followers, he is very loyal to Asakura Hao, but admits shortly before his death that he along with Peyote Diaz has been having doubts about Hao. He appears to hold authority over many of Hao's subordinates being referred to by the others sometimes as Chief, and is usually the one issuing orders to the other when Hao isn't around,[6] although Brocken has claimed that he is the overall leader when Hao is absent.[7] He seems to be fairly friendly with his allies, such as reassuring a hospitalized Peyote that Hao didn't seem to be upset over their failures, as he seemingly greeted Mohamed's failure at killing Yoh previously with a smile.[8] However he strongly believes Hao's men shouldn't have any weaklings, and cruelly disregards Damayaji's death, saying it can't interfere with their mission and no one would miss him anyway.[9] He agreed with Peyote's claim that their living situation with Hao isn't half bad; that it is like Heaven compared to the disputes in the Middle East; saying it allows him to dedicate himself to training. [10]

Powers and abilities[]


See More: Djinn

Mohammad's Guardian Ghost is Djinn, a Genie that has been passed down through generations through a Magical golden Lamp, that has served as a family heirloom.[4]



Mohamed as a Mercenary in 1991

Mohamed originates from the Middle East and was born on February 24, 1971. From an early age he worked as a mercenary in the Middle East and was only a child when he held a firearm for the first time. But his way of life would not last any longer and one day in Iraq he found himself surrounded by enemies, one of them being Chris Venstar.[11] However Asakura Hao appeared and burned them all thus saving his life.[4]

Mohamed five years before the Shaman Fight

About five years before the Shaman Fights began, Bill Burton is inducted into Hao's group. As Mohamed and the others introduce themselves and explain their way of life, Mohamed agrees with Peyote's claim that they should live an easy life, saying it was Heaven compared to the disputes in the Middle East, and it allows him to dedicate himself to his training.[10]

Shaman Fight in Tokyo[]

Turbine and Hao's henchmen, before taking off on the patch plane

Not much is known about his First Round experience but he did qualify to enter the Shaman Fight by landing a successful hit on a Patch Officiant and won at least two matches to get to the Second Round. He was first seen in the series with Hao's other followers when they interrupted their leader from playing around with Yoh and friends so that they wouldn't miss the Patch Plane that would take them to America.[12] He would sit amongst his allies on the plane, and later rode on the Spirit Of Fire with Hao and the others when the inhabitants of the plane were dumped out of it.

Traveling through America[]

Turbine and his allies in the Patch Village.

When Yoh and company reach the Patch Village and find an area that is blocked off saying "keep out", Mohamed alongside Bill, Zang-Ching, Damayaji, and Boris Tepes Dracula show up and attempt to stop them from going any further. Tao Ren thinks they are very suspicious looking, and eventually, they are recognized as Hao's followers. Mohamed remarks how much Yoh resembles Hao and reveals that he is Yoh's ancestor. Surprised by this, Horohoro attempts to question him but he proclaims that Hao's orders were to give Yoh some information and kill his four comrades. When Boris Tepes Dracula betrays and kills his partner Damayaji, Mohamed tells Boris to tone it down and he's making too much noise, and upon being questioned if he would tell Hao about it, he reassures Boris that he won't, cruelly proclaiming they don't need any weaklings, and that Damayaji's death can't interfere with their mission, adding that no one would miss him anyway. He proceeds to watch Boris' battle with Yoh's group, being surprised that Tokageroh was powerful enough to allow Ryu to go toe to toe with Boris. Eventually, he acknowledges that Boris is too out of control and even he can't stop him, saying that he doesn't want to get involved in this and takes Bill and Zang-Ching with him to go and report to Hao. When Boris dies at the hands of Marco, Mohamed returns to the scene with Zang-Ching and seeing the X-Laws, understands why Boris had lost to so many enemies. Bill suddenly shows up behind the X-Laws and attacks, but they summon their Archangels and manage to nearly kill Bill with their combined might, shocking Mohamed as to how they could have such powerful spirits. After witnessing this, Zang-Ching starts freaking out and Mohamed believes that they should call for a retreat, however, Zang-Ching calls him out for deciding to leave Bill behind.

Shaman Fight Second Round[]

Tabarsi and Hao's men, watching "Team Tsuchi-Gumi"'s fight with Team "The Ren".

When the Second Round begins, Mohamed is seen wearing a casual clothes sitting in the stands with the other members of Hao's group, watching Team "Tsuchi-Gumi"'s fight with Team "The Ren". after Peyote loses to Ren, Mohamed visits him in the Patch Medical Center, and upon Peyote declaring Hao must be upset with him for a lose, Mohamed, disagrees saying that after his failed mission to kill Yoh's friends, however, Hao greeted him with a smile. Peyote questioned if he was afraid, to which he retorted that he wasn't sure at first how Hao would react but settled on that he seemingly doesn't care.

Later on, he arrives with Peyote and Zang-Ching to attack Team The Ren. After Zang-Ching's weapon is cut in half, Turbine tries to kill Ren with his beam attack, however, Ren is able to dodge it. Turbine tries again, however by using the "Fummon Tonkou" Ren is able to outmaneuver Turbine and send him flying into Peyote. Turbine nor the others are fazed by this, as Nichrom explains all of Hao's followers were taught "this" technique. Turbine proclaims that Hao had seen Ren's potential, particularly the moment he had defeated Peyote in one hit. Peyote takes advantage of Ren being caught off-guard by Nichrom's revelation of being Chrom's brother and inflicts a mortal wound with his O.S. "Grande Phantasma", Turbine comments on how Ren couldn't have foreseen Peyote's O.S. hiding in the river. Peyote argues with him over the reason why he couldn't, but Turbine says "it doesn't matter", as he still gets the credit, as his contribution killing him. Nichrom reveals that Ren is indeed dead to which his teammates, fly into a blind rage and attack Turbine and Hang-Ching. They are however not much of a match for them, and Zang-Ching decides to fight the two for himself, telling Turbine and Peyote to stay out of his fight. He continues to watch Zang-Ching toy with them with Peyote, until Yoh arrives to stop them from killing his friends, and swiftly defeats the three of them with one hit. After being confronted by Yoh, Nichrom angrily tells Turbine and the others to kill Yoh, but to his shock and annoyance, they refuse, realizing how powerful Yoh has truly become. Yoh warns him to leave with them and after Faust and Ryu show up to backup Yoh, they comply and flee the scene.

Turbine's death

While the group was ordered to deal with a fleet of human warships they begin to wonder if they are doing the right thing or not. When Peyote voiced his doubt about Hao, Mohamed reveals that he has been having the same thoughts; though he also warns Peyote about his next words. Peyote defends himself and says that he only wanted to give them some thoughts on the subject and did not intend to start an argument. When Zang-Ching ask them to stop because they were scaring him he is suddenly killed by Peyote's O.S. "Grande Phantasma". Peyote tells them to calm down as he only wants to make them stronger by dying slowly, but then pierces Bill completely in the back and reveals that he was just kidding. Mohamed then starts to scream at Peyote but he is shot in the face by Tamurazaki Midori and was killed.[13]

It is later revealed by Bill Burton in a conversation with Anahol Pokki, that Mohamed and Peyote's bodies were far too damaged, and were the only ones from the slaughter who were unable to be revived.[14]

Invading The Plants[]

Peyote and Turbine inside the Great Spirit

After Hao becomes the Shaman King, Turbine's spirit is seen standing with Peyote in one of the cars aboard the Soul Train inside the Great Spirit, stating that despite what Luchist said they all would rather stay there with Hao, even with Peyote.[15]

Anime/Manga Differences[]

Like most of Hao's followers, he had a smaller role in the 2001 Anime Series. During the attack on Babylon Gate, he was fought with John Denbat, firing his Beam attack blasting several holes in Denbat's Archangel, and later a big one into Denbat's chest, killing him. In the final battle, he is defeated alongside Brocken, Luchist, and Zang-Ching by Tao Ren.



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