Japanese Name: モルフイン
English Name: Morphea (Manga)
Chloe (Anime and Video Games)
Meaning: Morphine (Drug)
First Appearance: Chapter 86 (Manga)
Episode 27 (Anime)
Type: Nature Class
Serei Class
Reiryoku Level: 1,800
Shaman: Liam Diethel
Lyserg Diethel
Japanese VA:
English VA:

Morphine (モルフィン Morufin; Chloe in the English anime and video games, Morphea in the English manga) is the ancestral guardian ghost of the Diethel family and is Lyserg's first guardian ghost. She is the spirit of a Poppy flower, and as such can be classified as a nature spirit.[1]


Morphine is a small and slender, poppy spirit and has been described as cute by several characters. She has a pair of green flight goggles and when integrated with "Elizabeth", she literally pilots the pendulum. Thanks to her strong sense of smell, sight, and hearing her strong points are tracking. Lyserg received Morphine as a gift from his father on his sixth birthday.

As Lyserg's companion, she is extremely attached to him and has always been his best friend. Even though she never speaks, she does make her disapproval known to Lyserg when she disagrees with his actions. Morphine wants to be friends with the nature spirit Kororo and she loves to dance over the grass from dusk to dawn.[1]

Oversouls and AttacksEdit

O.S. Homing PendulumEdit

O.S. "Homing Pendulum" (O.S.ホーミング・ペンジャラーム)

O.S. Homming Pendulum

O.S. "Homing Pendulum"

Description: Lyserg's most recognized O.S. which he makes by integrating Morphine with his crystal pendulum. It creates a cockpit in the pendulum for Morphine to fly in and enhances Lyserg's divination powers and dowsing capability by taking advantage of her phenomenal senses. The Pendulum Over Soul moves at incredible speeds and can evade or strike virtually any mark. The Over Soul expands the entire length of the wire, enabling Lyserg to control it as well, and cannot be severed as long as he holds the pendulum.


  • Homing Pendulum (ホーミングペンデュラム, Hoomingu Pendyuramu): Lyserg uses his weapon to track down and attack his opponent.
  • Big Ben Wire Frame (ビッグベンワイヤーフレーム, Biggu Ben Waiyaa Fureemu; known as Big Ben Blitz in the English version of the anime series): By using the pendulum to take himself into the air, Lyserg uses what he calls his best battle position. By expanding his wire and shaping it, he creates a smaller, but still large, version of the Big Ben Clocktower where he found his pendulum. Lyserg then grabs the pendulum to make sure the Over Soul cannot be destroyed and then launches it down on an opponent.[2]

O.S. Mastema DolkeemEdit

O.S. "Mastema Dolkeem" (O.S マステマ・ドルキーム, Masutema Dorukīmu)

O.S. Mastema Dolkeem

O.S. "Mastema Dolkeem"

  • Shaman: Lyserg Diethel
  • O.S. Type: Armor Type
  • Spirit Ally(s): Morphine (fairy spirit) & Zelel (Archangel)
  • Medium(s) used: Pendulum Bay "Elizabeth" w/ crystal pendulum & Sword No-008 "Lyserg Derringer"

Description: This is a multi spirit Armor-type O.S. which Lyserg creates while in the underworld. Through the partial guidance from Pascal Avaf, and his two spirits, Lyserg forges this new O.S. which integrates Zelel and Morphine with his Derringer and his "Elizabeth". The O.S. manifests as huge armor plates connected by a strip of back Armour, thus covering his shoulders and waist. Five additional armor fragments suspend themselves behind Lyserg's head for additional protection, and six burning arms of Furyoku resembling his original Homing Pendulum O.S. give it simultaneous defense and offense. Lyserg attributes the nature of this O.S. as a means to prevent himself from being consumed by the fires of his grudge,[3] thus attuning his Furyoku to the element of fire.


  • Cremation (火葬, Kasou): Mastema Dolkeem's signature move, the six appendages are set ablaze and rotate around Lyserg in this attack, creating a vortex of fire that envelopes the opponent completely.[4]

Anime OnlyEdit

Angel Advent MorphineEdit

O.S. Angel Advent Morphine

Archangel Morphin

O.S. Angel Advent Morphine

Description: A giant-sized Morphine sporting Archangel Armour, Angel Advent Morphine was created when Lyserg fused Archangels of the X-Laws (excepting Marco Lasso and Iron Maiden Jeanne) with Morphine. In this form, Morphine gains tremendous power and range. Advent's arms can stretch, and she can fire energy out of her hands. In addition to that, Advent can create a blade of light out of her arm.


Morphine Spirit Ball Mode

Morphine Spirit Ball Mode

  • As a part of a 20th-anniversary celebration, Hiroyuki Takei put together new illustration to serve as the exhibition’s key visual, one of them being spirits shown in spirit ball modes that were never shown in the series, Morphine being one of them.
  • Mastema Dolkeem is named after Devil Mastema, which Lyserg fought while training in Hell. A biblical reference, it is in keeping with the Christian motif of the X-Laws.
  • Morphine has no favorite food; she seems to love sweet things in general.
  • Morphine's name was deliberately changed in the English version of the Manga and Anime series to avoid the obvious reference to the drug, Morphine's name.


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