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Muscle Punch
Muscle Punch
Japanese Name: マッスルパンチ
Romanized Name: "Massurupanchi"
English Name: Magnet
First Appearance: Chapter 1
Episode 1
Affiliations: Ryu's Gang
Japanese VA: Nobutoshi Canna
English VA: Marc Thompson

Muscle Punch (マッスルパンチ, "Massurupanchi") is a member of Umemiya Ryunosuke's Gang and is his adviser.


Muscle Punch wears a red wool hat, shorts and an orange jacket with an M (for his nickname) on the left sleeve.



Meeting with TokagerohEdit

Muscle Punch takes Ryu and the gang to the abandoned Funbari Bowling Alley asking him if they can make it their new best place. However, Ryu refuses because it is too far from the train station and there are no convenience stores nearby. When Ryu is possessed by Tokageroh, he tells his gang to break into the museum and steel Amidamaru's Harusame. However, Muscle Punch refuses because that would make him a burglar and ends up getting stabbed in the leg by Ryu. Ball Boy helps carry Muscle Punch to Yoh's House so they can stop Tokageroh from killing Manta.

Shaman Fights in TokyoEdit

Before Ryu goes to America, Muscle Punch and the others write him a farewell card.

Travel through AmericaEdit

Muscle Punch is mentioned by Ryu claiming that anybody that looks like him may not be a bad guy after meeting Chocolove.

Anime/Manga DifferencesEdit

In the English version of the anime series, the scene when Tokageroh possessed Ryu and stabs Muscle Punch in the leg was removed.


  • According to the Character Files, Muscle Punch has ten siblings