Mysterious Asakura
Zeke Attack



Himitsu na Asakura

Japan Air Date

February 20, 2002

English Air Date

January 10, 2005



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song

Trust You

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Forest of Holy Spirits
American Hot Springs

Mysterious Asakura (ひみつな麻倉) is the 33rd episode of the anime series of Shaman King.

Summary[edit | edit source]

As Hao is camping with Opacho and Luchist, he asks Ashil to kill some of Yoh's friends in order to make Yoh angry instead of carefree. As Ashil wants to leave, Luchist orders Bill to go with Ashil. Meanwhile, Yohmei and Anna visit a mysterious temple while Yohmei tells Anna that Asakura Hao was an enemy that lived a long time ago. As Anna doesn't understand, Yohmei tells Anna that Asakura Hao is not dead. Meanwhile, Yoh and the others are resting at a bus stop. As Lyserg states that something is coming, Ashil appears on the back of his spirit, Siegfried. As everyone is charging towards Ashil, Yoh gets surrounded by Bill and his spirits, The Big Guys. Bill then states to Yoh that he's "safe". As Yoh asks why he is the only one that is left out in the fight, Ashil states that he cannot hurt a descendant from Hao, shocking Yoh and the others.

Meanwhile, at the temple, Yohmei tells Anna that Hao immortal and can control demons. Yohmei also tells Anna that Hao's objective is to create a world where only Shamans live and that when the Asakura Family tried to defeat Hao, it ended up in a catastrophic fight. As Manta shows up, who had been listening to the whole time, he tells Anna that he has seen Hao once at the airport, just before Yoh and the others were about to head to America. Yohmei then tells Anna to bring Yoh the Cho-Senjiryakketsu, in where Hao has listed all the methods of Buddhist monks. Meanwhile, everyone is fighting Ashil, while Yoh is still watching. As Lyserg is still shocked that Yoh is related to Hao, Ren saves him from Ashil's attack and states that "Yoh is Yoh". As everyone gets captured by Ashil's guardian ghost, Yoh uses his big Over Soul to free himself from Bill's trap. As Ashil is surprised, Yoh frees his friends. As Lyserg attacks Ashil and thinks he hit him, Ashil and his guardian ghost suddenly appear behind him. As everyone attacks Ashil, they find out that his medium is the ground. As Horohoro freezes Siegfried, Yoh is able to cut him in half, which destroys him. As Ashil is able to re-create his Oversoul using earth, he desperately attacks Yoh and the others. As he is about to hit Yoh and the others, Ashil gets shot by someone from the distance.

As Ashil dies and his Over Soul fades away, the X-Laws appears out of nowhere and confront Yoh and the others. As Yoh and the others ask who they are, the X-Laws state that they will destroy the source of all evil, Hao. As Marco asks Yoh and the others to join them in order to defeat Hao, Yoh states that they all refuse because the X-Laws have just killed someone. Then the X-Laws leave the scene while telling Yoh and the others that they'll meet again. Meanwhile, Lyserg seems to be impressed by the X-Laws plan to destroy Hao. Later on, Yoh and the others are seen traveling somewhere by bus. Meanwhile, as Opacho reports back to Hao that the X-Laws have appeared, Hao states that he'll let them do what they want because something "interesting" is about to start at his homeland.

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