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Namari (ナマリ Namari) is a fictional character from the Shaman King manga and anime series. He is one of the Ten Patch Priests overseeing the Shaman Fights and the Patch Officiant responsible for overseeing the Gandhara teams and Team "Tsuchi-Gumi". He openly supports Asakura Hao in his quest to become Shaman King, to the extent that he allows Hao's followers to butcher three Gandhara members right in front of him.


Namari is above average height. His hair is long like most of the Patch tribe. When not in battle he wears a standard Patch cloak with silver plating on his chest resembling a curdled up snake. When in his plant or in battle he wears the skirt of his patch cloak and he also wore silver metal rings around his arms and stomach.


He was an open supporter of Asakura Hao, intimidating some of the remaining contestants in the tournament. He also has a tendency to refer to himself in the third-person.

Abilities and Powers[]


See More: Red Rope

Namari's guardian ghost is that of a giant cobra named Red Rope with his medium being snakeskin on his wrist. Once Over Souled it appears with the head of a snake over his arm and covering his hand.


Shaman Fights Second Round[]

Namari is an official who first appeared when Asakura Yoh's friends attempted to stop Asakura Hao's followers from killing Lady Sati. He eavesdrops on the conversation between Sati and Umemiya Ryunosuke and overhears Gandhara's plot to take the Five Grand Elemental Spirits.[1] When Ryu later threatens to attack him, Namari claims he will not intervene in the entire ordeal and emphasizes his intentions by revealing his gigantic cobra spirit.[2]

Invading the Plants[]

Namari waiting in the desert plant

On their journey to get to the Star Sanctuary, Namari was in the first "Plant of the Desert" and therefore the first obstacle the invaders would face. Having barely greeted the group he revealed his Over Soul in the sand behind them but made it disappear again and then taunted them to attack him.

He initially had the advantage against both Tao Ren and Usui Horokeu as the desert prevented Ren from generating lightning and Horohoro from creating ice. Ryu instead fought with him first one-on-one revealing his new form of Over Soul. Even after Ryu sliced up his new form Over Soul like it was sushi, he was still able to recreate it and later attack him while Ryu was fighting only a mirage. He offered the group to spare him if they would retreat. Ryu however merely revealed his strategy of clearing a path for the others and after a short stalemate between the two, Namari was killed by Ryu with the poison of Red Rope. After a short fight with both Ren and Horohoro, he was quickly killed by Ren with the help of the ice of Horohoro had made from the plant's small lake, that allowed Ren to generate his lightning.

Before he died he smiled, knowing he had won by having his boastful opponents use a part of their Furyoku to defeat him and to resurrect their fallen comrade. This caused Ren to respect him afterward.[3]

He later appears, together with all the other Patch Priests, within the Great Spirit.[4]

Anime/Manga Difference[]

Due to the major changes to the second part of the Shaman Fights in the 2001 anime series, Namari was one of the many Patch Tribe members not to be introduced.


  • Like most of the other Patch Tribe members, Namari is named after one of the chemicals in the periodic table of elements. His name is derived from the Japanese name of lead ( namari).


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