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Oboro Daikyoh (朧 大凶 Oboro Daikyō) is a samurai ghost and the Guardian Ghost of Asakura Yohane. He is known as the Misfortune-Bearing Ronin (不幸を運ぶ流浪の剣士 Fukō o Hakobu Rurō no Kenshi).[2]


Daikyoh Spirit Ball Mode

Daikyoh was born and raised during the Meiji Restoration. He was once a noble samurai, but with the ban of katanas, he was forced into the army. Many of Daikyoh's fellow samurai also volunteered to join the Japanese Imperial Army.

One day while drinking, Daikyoh visited his former comrades who all pointed their weapons at him and in a drunken rage he attacked them, forcing them to gun him down.[3]


This is the most basic of Yohane's abilities. He uses his umbrella as a substitute for Daikyoh's sword.


  • Misty Moon Slicer (朧斬月 Oboro Zangetsu): Yohane swings his umbrella in an wide arc. The swing is strong enough to force an opponent back.[4]
  • Kyōsha (凶車 Kyōsha, lit. "Wicked Car"): A powerful thrusting technique, it was developed for closing the distance between the user and his opponent. According to Daikyoh, had he wielded his own sword against Hana, this technique would have been strong enough to blow a hole in his stomach.[4]

Over Souls and Attacks[]

O.S. Tsukuyomi[]

O.S. Tsukuyomi Lance

O.S. "Tsukuyomi" (O.S. 月詠鉾ツクヨミ Tsukuyomi, lit. "Moon Lance")

  • Shaman: Asakura Yohane
  • O.S. Type: Weapon Type
  • Spirit Ally: Oboro Daikyoh (Seirei Class)
  • Medium used: Umbrella

Description: The Over Soul creates an oversized lance in the shape of an umbrella with the Five Point Star at bottom of it and a sword blade at the tip. It has wings at the top and ribbons tied around it in the middle.[2] According to Amidamaru, its strength is on par with Yoh's O.S. Spirit of Sword.[4]


  • Moonlit Comet (月夜帚星つきよのはばきほし Tsukiyo no Habaki Hoshi): Using the sword at the tip of the Over Soul, Yohane performs a powerful piercing attack.[4]

O.S. Big Zalim[]

O.S. Big Zalim

O.S. "Big Zalim" (O.S. 明星山鉾ビグザレム Biguzaremu)

Description: Using an unknown technique called Gion Gattai (祇園合体), Luca and Yohane are able to combine their Over Souls into one, giving it the strength of Yohane's Tsukuyomi and the speed of Luca's Amaterasu.[5]


  • God's Staff: Divine Arrow (神の杖 天射あまゆみ Kami no Tsue Amayumi): The Over Soul jumps high into the air and then performs a diving attack.[5]


  • During their first fight, Amidamaru calls him a rōnin, a title given to a samurai who has lost his master.


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  • Tsukuyomi - A Wikipedia article about the Shinto god after whom Daikyoh's O.S. is named.
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