One More Push
The Ice Team Cometh



Mō Hito Funbari

Japan Air Date

May 8, 2002

English Air Date

January 25, 2005



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song

Northern Lights

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One More Push (もうひとふんばり) is the 44th episode of the anime series of Shaman King.

Summary[edit | edit source]

As Manta talks with Faust VIII about the scary Shaman Fight they've witnessed from earlierYoh and the others are talking about their strengths at a restaurant. Then, Team "Icemen" shows up and asks how Yoh and the others have become so much stronger by just reading a book. As Pino mocks Horohoro for using ice as well, he states that he has born temperatures way lower. As Anna asks them if they want a Shaman Fight, Yoh states that he doesn't want to fight them because there is no reason to do so.

As Team "Icemen" has three members, Yoh, Ryu and Faust VIII decide to fight them after all. As Amidamaru asks Yoh if they'll use Spirit of Sword immediately, Yoh states that he doesn't want to show off. As Team "Icemen" then attacks Yoh and the others, they capture Yoh but Ryu and Faust VIII save him while stating that they won't let them lay a finger on Yoh. As Team "Icemen" dashes towards Yoh and the others again, Faust VIII uses his Big Over Soul Mephisto E. and dodges the attack. Meanwhile, Hao and Opacho are seen watching. As Pino asks Faust VIII why he fights for Yoh even though he has such great powers on his own, Faust VIII states that his dream of bringing Eliza back has already been fulfilled by Anna's powers. As Pino attacks Yoh again, Ryu is able to dodge the attack with his Oversoul. As Ryu states that Faust VIII and he will keep fighting for Yoh, he creates his Over Soul Yamata no Orochi. As Team "Icemen" attacks again, Ryu dodges the attack and exhausts his opponent's Over Soul. As Pino can't understand why they lost, Yoh walks up to them and creates his Oversoul Spirit of Sword. As Team "Icemen" launches their strongest attack on Yoh, Yoh sympathizes with Pino. Then, Yoh defeats them.

Later on, everyone is relaxing in the restaurant. As Horohoro and Pino talk, Pino states that he understands now that Furyoku grows inside one's heart, not in his pride. Team "Icemen" then leaves as their Shaman Fight is over now.

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