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Opacho (オパチョ) is a fictional character in the Shaman King manga and anime series. She is a member of Hao's Team "Hoshi-Gumi" and is the most loyal of all of Hao's followers.


Opacho's casual appearance

Opacho is a small, young African child, who's the same height as Manta, with a large black Afro and an orange headband. She is mostly seen wearing an orange poncho cloak, similar to what her Hao wears too, with several gold rings around her arms and legs and is mostly barefoot.

However, in public, she is shown wearing regular clothes including a long sleeved red and white jacket, sneakers, jeans, and a white headband.


Opacho has an incredibly pure-heart, and she loves and mostly respects only Hao above all things. This means that Opacho follows Hao almost everywhere he goes. She likes to speak in the third person. however She also sees Hao as a big brother figure, and Hao trusts her the most among all his followers. Most of the time she is always seen by his side. She is also seen to be protective of him as seen when John Denbat is about to fire the laser from a Satellite that was targeted towards Hao and John. Hao often confides in Opacho about his plans, as well as about Yoh and his power. She also loves to bathe.

Abilities and Powers

In the manga series, Opacho has strong but unrefined powers including clairvoyance and the ability to project illusions.

  • Reishi: Opacho has the rare ability to read others' minds.
  • Astral Projection: Opacho has the ability to create an astral body of herself, which can then be used for reconnaissance purposes, allowing her to easily relay information about opponents that are far away. She rarely uses this ability. While in this form, her physical body slips into a trance and her eyes turn white.


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Using her hair as an Over Soul, she can transform into a sheep, giving her great ramming power, as when she rams Umemiya Ryunosuke into the sky when he tries to capture her.



Opacho was born on February 20, 1996. She was a malnourished baby in South Africa and was about to die from starvation. She also suffered from famine and a disease and had been left alone to die. However, Asakura Hao found and saved her before the vultures could finish her off. Thanks to her near-death experience, strong shamanic powers awakened within her. She was later adopted and raised by Hao. As her new godfather Hao tried to named her "Ohachiyo", but since she could not pronounce it she called herself "Opacho", and her name was eventually changed.[2]

Shaman Fights Second Round

Opacho makes her first appearance on the Patch Jumbo Jet Over Soul and later on is seen in the Patch Village. She is always seen hanging around Hao no matter where he goes.

Opacho is also part of Team "Hoshi-Gumi" in the Shaman Tournament, alongside Luchist Lasso, and takes part in their first fight against X-III. However, during this time neither she nor Luchist, does anything and allows her master to do all the hard work as he asked.

Invading the Plants

Opacho does not have much of a role inside the Patch Plants but does join Yoh's side. She is able to tell all the shamans inside where each officiant is and how they attack. This is shown when Tao Ren fights Magna and she told Ren exactly where and when he will be hit. Ren uses this knowledge to use a new attack that hits, instantly killing Magna in the progress.

When the group later arrives at the 6th plant of the Jungle, Opacho is awoken from her sleep form by the constant thoughts of Renim and decides to find and attack him, eventually using her Over Soul to ram into him and break all of the bones in his body.

Anime/Manga Difference

Opacho in the anime series

Like the manga series, she is one of Hao's closest allies and is always at his side. Although Opacho supports Hao loyally throughout both anime series, towards the end of the 2001 anime series (once Yoh's soul returns to his body), Opacho notes that Hao is being pushed back, to which Hao angrily glares out at her, horribly frightening her and causing her to sadly state that he isn't the same anymore, and she flees from him.


  • The character's gender was inexplicably changed from female to male for the American manga and the 4Kids English dub, although she was voiced by a female voice actress in both Japanese and English.
  • In the Game Boy Advance game Shaman King Legacy of the Spirits, Sprinting Wolf, there is a spirit that has the head of Opacho and the body of a sheep.


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