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The Oracle Bell (オラクルベル Orakuru Beru)[1] is an item given to shamans participating in the Shaman Fight.[2]


The Oracle Bell is part of the traditional Patch Art and one of many things taught to them by Grey Saucer.[3] They serve as a way to communicate and the Patch Tribe, the overseers of the Shaman Fights, use them to send messages to the participant of the Shaman Fights.[4] After being fused with the Great Spirit, Asakura Hao was also able to send a message to the Oracle Bell. It can measure the Furyoku value of a shaman and the Reiryoku of any spirit, including the total and remaining values.

Initially, only the Patch Tribe knew the mechanics of the Oracle Bell,[5] but when Hao who was reborn into the Patch Tribe during his second life, he learned how to use it and taught his followers how to use them as well. At the end of the Second Round of the Shaman Fights, Kyōyama Anna somehow learned how to use the function to measure Furyoku level values.

The Oracle Bell also serves as proof of participation in the Shaman Fights. To get an Oracle Bell, the shaman must land a hit on a representative of the Patch Tribe within ten minutes. If successful, the shaman will receive their very own Oracle Bell and become a participant in the Shaman Fight.[2]

Anime/Manga Difference[]


  • In Rutherfor flashback of how Grey Saucer taught the Patch about the Patch Art, Grey Saucer can be seen drawing an outline of the Oracle Bell in the sand.


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