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Our Deadly Blows (オレたちの必殺技) is the 22th episode of the anime series of Shaman King.


As they travel by raft and Yoh and Manta are relaxing, Ryu and Horohoro are discussing who should row the raft. As they continue their journey and Bason thanks Yoh for helping Ren, Yoh states that Ren is their friend now. Meanwhile,Ren and Tao Jun are seen still being held captive. As Ren states that it'll be alright, Jun uses "it'll be alright" one of Yoh's favorite catchphrases. Later on as Yoh and the others arrive at the Tao house, Amidamaru finds out that there are no guards nor suspicious people around.

As they are about to enter the house, Yoh tells Manta to stay close to him and watch. Everyone then uses their Over Soul and then they enter the house. As they entered a random room, Yoh and the others get ambushed by the five Gohukuseitai members. As the Gohukuseitai attacks Yoh and the others, Horohoro is able to grab everyone and using his snowboard to avoid their attack. Horohoro then defeats one Gohukuseitai member. As another Gohukuseitai member dashes towards Horohoro, Ryu defends Horohoro and defeats the second Gohukuseitai member. As Horohoro and Ryu are under attack, they tell Yoh and Manta to go up ahead and search for Ren. As Yoh and Manta proceed they are ambushed by the Golden brothers, but Yoh is able to defeat them easily. Yoh then finds Ren and Jun and sets them free. Ren then tells Yoh to go home because he wants to take down his father alone. Meanwhile Horohoro and Ryu have defeated two more of the 3 Gohukuseitai members that where left. 

As Yoh, Ren and Manta are heading for Tao Yúan's room, Ren tells Yoh that he doesn't want any help because his father is really dangerous, and he doesn't want to see anybody else get hurt. Before the two leave they get ambushed by Lee Pyron, who under Tao Yúan's control is transformed into a dragon. Yoh and Ren are able to free Lee Pyron without hurting him after realizing his new form is an Over Soul. As Ren and Yoh head for Ren's father's room, they find Ryu and Horohoro defeated by the last member of the Gohukuseitai. When Yoh and Ren use Over Soul, the last Gohukuseitai member dashes towards them.

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Anime Notes[]

  • The anime episode expands on the fight against the Gohukuseitai and shows how Ryu and Horohoro defeated Ni-Johtoh and Go-Johtoh.
  • The scene in the dungeons is rather different in the 2001 anime series than in the manga series. The Torture Brothers are already encountered and defeated by Yoh alone when he enters the dungeons instead of when he and Ren are leaving. The 2001 series also adds the scene where Yúan summons Pyron and turns him into a dragon to fight Yoh and Ren.

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