Over Soul
The Destiny Star



Ōbā Sōru

Japan Air Date

September 19, 2001

English Air Date

September 18, 2004



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song


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The Star that Signals the Beginning
Shaman Fight (episode)

Over Soul (オーバーソウ) is the 13th episode of the anime series of Shaman King.

Summary[edit | edit source]

As YohManta and Anna walk to school in the morning, meanwhile, a strange masked figure is seen staring at them from far away. After class, Manta has a conversation with Yoh about why he can stay so calm even though the Shaman Fight is about to start. Then, the strange masked figure appears out of nowhere and asks Yoh does he wants to participate in the Shaman Fight. He also tells him that if he wants to, they will meet again "at the night when the star calls". The strange masked figure then disappears. Later on at Yoh's house, Horohoro tells Yoh that someone came to him as well. That night, everyone is awake wondering about what's going to happen next. While Yoh and Amidamaru sit outside, while a shooting star is seen outside night. Yoh then finally understands what is "the star is calling". 

Later on, Yoh finds the same strange masked figure outside the woods. As he asks Yoh if he has made his mind, he finally reveals that he is Silva, one of the ten official patch priests who has overseen the Shaman Fight since ancient times long ago. Silva then tells Yoh that he simply needs to hit him with a simple attack in order to gain the right to enter the Shaman Fight. As Yoh quickly use Hyoi Gattai and attacks Silva head-on, Silva easily blocks Yoh's attack and Silva comments that Yoh can't touch him with that. After Silva tells Yoh that he has ten minutes to hit him, Yoh attacks again but Silva blocks his attack again. Silva then states that Yoh can't beat him with just Hyoi Gattai. As Yoh attacks Silva multiple times, Silva dodges all of them using different spirits. As Yoh states that Silva isn't using normal Hyoi-Gattai, Silva reveals that he is using his own Furyoku to create a Over Soul. Silva also comments that an Over Soul can only be defeated by Over Soul, so Yoh has to find out how to use Furyoku if he wants to stand a chance. Meanwhile, Manta has arrived at Yoh's house and asks Anna where Yoh is. Anna then tells him that the star called him and she believes in Yoh. 

As Yoh is still not able to land a hit on Silva, Silva's guardian ghosts makes fun of Yoh's powers. Yoh then finds out that Silva is using a medium to materialize his spirits. Yoh then puts Amidamaru's spirit inside the Harusame and finds out the way to use Oversoul. As Yoh and Silva attack each other at full strength, Yoh manages to defeat Silva's spirits and cut Silva's headband in half. As Yoh collapses from using too much of his Furyoku for the first time, Silva tells Amidamaru that Yoh is now qualified for the Shaman Fight. Silva then gives Yoh his first Oracle Bell and tells him that it will transmit further information about the Shaman Fight. Then Silva leaves the scene stating that from now on, "everything is the will of the Great Spirit".

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