Pai-Long, Fists of Fury
Pai-Long Attacks!



Pairon Ikari no Ippatsu

Japan Air Date

August 15, 2001

English Air Date

August 14, 2004



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song


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Pai-Long, Fists of Fury(パイロン怒りの一発) is the 7th episode of Shaman King the anime series.


As Manta is seen running away, Lee Pyron continuously attacks Yoh. while Manta is searching for a weapon to help Yoh out. a group of bikers drives down the street. One of the bikers has a wooden sword with him. After Manta stops the group of bikers and asks them if he could borrow their wooden sword, he gets completely beaten by the bikers. As Manta is about to be smashed to the ground, just then Ryu appears and stops the bikers from hurting Manta. As the group of bikers turns to face Ryu, Ryu easily beats them all. Meanwhile, Yoh gets kicks and punches from Lee Pyron. As Lee Pyron lands a very powerful blow on Yoh's back, Tao Jun gives him one more chance to give  Amidamaru, which he refuses. As Yoh takes another powerful blow, Manta and Ryu finally show up. Manta turns to Yoh and gives him the wooden sword that he obtained. Then Manta states that he wanted to help because Yoh is fighting to save his hero. 

As Tao Jun later orders Lee Pyron to destroy Yoh, Yoh dashes towards Lee Pyron with the wooden sword as his weapon. As Yoh blocks Lee Pyron's attack, Tao Jun is impressed and states that Yoh's movements are different than before. When Yoh quickly attacks Lee Pyron with Amidaryu Shinkuu Buttagiri, the talisman that was controlling him is sliced in half. As Lee Pyron comes to his senses and later sees his movie poster, he is confused and can't remember what happened the last 17 years. As he breaks the glass with his fist. from his movie poster in his anger, he finds out that he can't feel any pain. As Tao Jun tells him that he is dead and should follow her orders, Lee Pyron remembers that he was killed by the Tao Family. When Tao Jun throws a new talisman towards him, Lee Pyron is able to grab it and destroy the talisman before it reaches him. Then Lee Pyron loses his anger towards Tao Jun since he had lost everything because of her. As Lee Pyron goes completely berserk, he tries to attack Tao Jun multiple times in his rage. As Lee Pyron is about to land a deadly blow on her. Yoh later shows up and blocks his attack. As Tao Jun is surprised that Yoh saved her, Yoh tells Lee Pyron that revenge won't solve any of his problems. Then Lee Pyron starts to attack Yoh out of anger. 

As Tao Jun states that there is no way of defeating Lee Pyron, Anna tells her to take responsibility and think of someone that was able to defeat Lee Pyron. Then Tao Jun, Anna, and Manta come to the conclusion that the only one that Lee Pyron could not defeat was his master, Shamon. Meanwhile, Ryu still can't understand what is going on. As Tao Jun says that Shamon is already dead, Anna tells her that she is a spiritualistic medium. Then Anna recalls Shamon's spirit and fuses it in Yoh's body. Then Lee Pyron starts furiously attacking Yoh multiple times but Yoh, who is now being controlled by Shamon, easily dodges all of Lee Pyron's attacks. As Yoh tells Lee Pyron that his movements are weak because he is furious, Lee Pyron starts attacking again. After Yoh dodges all attacks again, he attacks Lee Pyron with Shamon's Shadow Fist. Yoh then tells him to abandon his fury and that he had not lost everything. Then Lee Pyron attacks him again but Yoh easily dodges the attacks just like before. Then Yoh uses Shamon's Sou Jyu Ken attack and beats Lee Pyron. As Lee Pyron falls to the ground, Shamon tells him that this is his last lesson to him. 

Later on, when Lee Pyron wakes up, his soul and Shamon's have a conversation in which Lee Pyron apologizes for his bad behavior and Shamon states that Yoh was the one to thank. Shamon also tells him that his Dǎodàn-do should be used to protect others and will live on in the people's hearts even though he is dead. As Tao Jun walks away and Anna asks her if she is going to abandon Lee Pyron just like this, Tao Jun states that she was wrong and didn't know anything about Lee Pyron at all. After she tells Anna that Yoh is a great person and she has no right to keep Lee Pyron, Lee Pyron turns to Tao Jun and tells her that he wants to keep persevering his dreams, even if it is in the form of a Jiang Shi. After shocking everyone, Lee Pyron decides to stay with Tao Jun's side. As she agrees to keep him, without any talismans this time. As Tao Jun and Lee Pyron leave the scene, later Ryu is seen being extremely impressed by Shamans. 

Later on. Tao Ren is seen on the top of a building. As he saw the whole fight and states that he will not let Yoh stand in his way any longer.

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