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Pascal Avaf (パスカル・アバフ Pasukaru Abafu) is a one-thousand-year-old Olmec spirit and the second guardian ghost of Chocolove McDonell.[1]


Pascal Avaf's human form

Pascal Avaf is an Olmec who participated and lost to Asakura Hao in the Shaman Tournament one thousand years ago. He is a wise man who knows how to use shamanic abilities, a knowledge that he would later use to teach Tao Ren and Usui Horokeu how to create an Armor Over Souls.

When he was alive, he had an extremely high Furyoku of about 100,000.[1]

Oversouls and Attacks[]

O.S. Olmeca[]

O.S. "Olmeca" (O.S.オルメカ Orumeka)

O.S. Olmeca

  • Shaman: Chocolove McDonell
  • O.S. Type: Spirit Type
  • Spirit Ally: Pascal Avaf (Olmec Spirit)
  • Medium used: None

Description: An Over Soul replica of the massive stone head statue of the Olmec people, it controls the power of Machu Picchu, enabling Chocolove to run on air at minimal Furyoku consumption[2] and rendering him near-invisible, as long as the O.S. is engaged. This O.S. and its power were used long ago by the Incas to walk on air; however, it would seem useless to use with more people than Chocolove himself. Chocolove can also use this Over Soul to deflect blasts of Furyoku.[3]

O.S. Jaguarman[]

O.S. "Jaguarman" (O.S.ジャガーマン Jagāman)

O.S. "Jaguarman"

Description: An Armor-type Over Soul which Chocolove creates by integrating Mic with Pascal Avaf into his Shaft Claws. The two spirits produce Aztec-like jaguar armor which covers Chocolove's entire body, complete with a set of giant armored claws and protective jaguar-head mask. This O.S. gives Chocolove the ability to move at incredible supersonic-speeds, surpassing the speed of the wind.[4] This enables him to evade virtually any attack and initiate his own counterstrike immediately afterward. On a side note, Pascal Avaf can speak through the O.S. armor. Jaguarman is also able to shoot an unnamed beam attack from the eyes of the jaguar mask.[5]


  • Bakuju Kaiten: Jaguarshaft (爆獣回転ジャガーシャフト Bakujū Kaiten Jagāshafuto): A cutting technique using the claw size and speed of his new Over Soul.[4]

Unnamed O.S.[]

Unnamed O.S.

Chocolove's Unnamed O.S.

  • Shaman: Chocolove McDonell
  • O.S. Type: Spirit Type
  • Spirit Ally: Mic the Jaguar (Jaguar Familiar) & Pascal Avaf (Olmec Spirit)
  • Medium used: The Air

Description: By integrating both Mic and Pascal Avaf into the surrounding air, much like how Hao manifests the Spirit of Fire, this Over Soul allows Chocolove to spread his Furyoku without any limit, resulting in a powerful wind that can be used to attack. Due to the wind's erosive properties, this Over Soul has the power to turn everything into a desert, as demonstrated when it completely dries up and destroys Thalim's most powerful Over Soul.


  • Winning Ayers Rock (ガチ☆エアーズロック, "Gachi☆Eāzurokku"): A variation on the Ayers rock sunrise that he drops on his opponent with one hand defeating them instantly.[6]

Anime/Manga Difference[]

Pascal Avaf does not appear in the 2001 anime adaptation.


  • O.S. Jaguarman is the first armor type O.S. seen in the Shaman King series.
  • According to Orona, Chocolove greatly resembles Pascal Avaf's human form. This, however, is untrue and when Chocolove first saw Pascal's human form, he thinks what Orona must have been kidding.[7]
  • While it is stated that he is an Olmec, his spirit's appearance resembles that of the figures on Tumi, Incan ceremonial knives.


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