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The Patch Tribe (パッチ族 Pacchi-Zoku) are a group of Native American Shamans responsible for overseeing the Shaman Fights.


The Patch tribe reside within the Patch village for the majority of their lives, performing regular day to day tasks, to provide for the general well being of the tribe. However, they are also in charge of overseeing the smooth progress of the Shaman fights, being in charge of monitoring and testing various shamans during the course of this event, e.g. Silva is in charge of observing Asakura Yoh.

The Ten Officiants are members of the Patch tribe and when not conducting their responsibilities concerning the fight, their day job is to sell Patch memorabilia and food items, to cover the expenses of the tribe. It is revealed that each of these Officiants also has an area of the field which they control (mountains, valley, desert, water etc.), called plants, which form the path that the Shaman king must first take to reach the Great Spirit. One of these, called Chrom, was killed in the initial stages of the tournament by Tao Ren, during his entrance exam. However, it seems a replacement for him has been found in the form of his younger brother, Nichrom since there is no mention of 10 Priests. Each individual priests have their own specific roles within the tournament, such as Radim who acts as the general host/referee of the Shaman Fight. Some of the Patch had already formed biased opinions before the start of the fights, throwing their support to Hao's purposes. These Patches are fearful of his power, yet at the same time, feeling protected by his overwhelming strength, they do their best to lower the esteem of the other contestants in the Shaman Fight.

Once the Shaman King has been revealed, the Patch now acts as their protectors, guarding both the new Shaman King and Great Spirit as they merge into one. It is the law of the tribe that the generation overseeing the Shaman Tournament must convert to the religion of the current Shaman King. As such the tribe in the year 1500 became Knights Templars.[1]


Chieftess e v
(ゴルドバ Gorudoba)
Goldva portrait.png
Goldva is an elderly Patch Tribe Chieftess who is the head organizer of the Shaman Fight. She is a God class shaman who remains completely neutral throughout the tournament. Her guardian ghost is a Totem bird named Big Chief, with her medium being Goldva herself.

Goldva currently guards the Shaman King throne room, like all the previous chiefs before her.

Ten Patch Officiants
Silva portrait.png
(シルバ Shiruba)
Silva as a member of the Shaman Fight Selection Committee travels from the United States to Japan after being assigned to test Asakura Yoh. After some difficulty, Yoh lands a hit on Silva, passing the qualification test.

Silva watches over Yoh after he defeats him in the qualification test and must frequently refrain from directly interfering to aid Yoh. Silva is also responsible for overseeing Tao Ren following Chrom's death and later Umemiya Ryunosuke. He often is seen as a street vendor, trying to sell traditional Native American crafts while in Japan. He spends the rest of his spare time watching soap operas.

Silva has five guardian ghosts known as Silver Arms: Silver Horn, a buffalo spirit; Silver Rod, a snake spirit; Silver Shield, a turtle spirit; Silver Tail, a coyote spirit; and Silver Wing, an eagle spirit. His plant is the Glacier.

(カリウム Kariumu)
Kalim portrait.png
Kalim is one of Silva´s friends and as one of the organizers of the Shaman Fight, he is responsible for overseeing Usui Horokeu and the members of Icemen. He shares an apartment with Silva during the tournament in Tokyo, and also sells handcrafted Patch goods. Kalim frequently provides a voice of reason to somewhat quell Silva's desire to interfere in the Shaman Tournament.

Kalim´s guardian ghost is a bull named Black Sickle, with his medium being a bull skull and leg bones allowing Black Sickle to merge with the lower half of his body. His plant is the Plateau.

Radim portrait.png
(ラジム Rajimu)
Radim is the officiant who is selected as the moderator of the tournament. Unlike most of the other officiants, he tries his best to remain neutral, but at times has openly agreed that he doesn't approve of Asakura Hao's shaman only kingdom. He is responsible for overseeing the members of Team "Mariachi" and Team "T-Production" in the Shaman Fight.

His guardian ghost is an Australian pelican named Platinum Sword, with his medium being his microphone. His plant is the Lake.

(ニクロム Nikuromu)
Nichrom portrait.png
Nichrom is the youngest of the Patch Officiants, receiving his position at the age of eight years old after the death of his older brother, Chrom, by the hands of Tao Ren. After his brothers passing he is given the responsibility of overseeing Faust VIII and later Team "Niles", and Team "Tsuki-Gumi" as well.

His own guardian ghost is a scorpion, named Yellow Whip, with his medium being a scorpion's tail as well as Purple Kick which he inherited from his older brother. His Plant is the Cave.

Magna portrait.png
(マグナ Maguna)
Magna is an officiant of the Patch who takes Nichrom under his wing when the young boy becomes an officiant. During the tournament he is responsible for overseeing the members of Team "Hana-Gumi", Team "Hoshi-Gumi", and Team "Magical Princesses". He openly supports Hao, and like others who do so takes pleasure in intimidating some of the remaining contestants in the tournament.

His guardian ghost is a great horned owl named Magnescope, with his medium being placed on his arms and legs to generate owl wings and owl claws. His plant is the Volcano.

(ナマリ Namari)
Namari portrait.png
Namari is an open supporter of Hao becoming Shaman King, intimidating some of the remaining contestants in the tournament. He is responsible for overseeing the Gandhara shamans, and also Team "Tsuchi-gumi".

His guardian ghost is a cobra named Red Rope. His plant is the Desert.

Bron portrait.png
(ブロン Buron)
Bron is the Officiant responsible for overseeing Lyserg Diethel and the members of X-Laws.

When Silva tried to steal the remaining 4 Elemental Spirits and was captured, Goldva ordered Renim and Bron to re-educate him in the ways of the Patch, something Kalim seemed shocked to hear.

His guardian ghost is a spider called Blue Net and his mediums are wrist and ankle cuffs made out of spider hair. His plant is the Valley.

(レニム Renimu)
Renim portrait.png
Renim, together with Bron, is responsible for reeducating those who stray from the ways of the Patch Tribe. He is responsible for overseeing Chocolove McDonell, the members of Team "Haiti 800" and Team "Nazca".

Renim's guardian ghost is a chameleon named Clear Coat. His plant is the jungle.

Thalim portrait.png
(タリム Tarimu)
Thalim is a member of the Patch Tribe first seen working in the Patch Cafe, but little else is known about him. He is later revealed to be one of the Officiants and is responsible for overseeing the members of Team "Kabbalahers" and Team "Cowboys". Unlike most members of the Patch Tribe he is easily intimidated by Asakura Hao.

Thalim's guardian ghosts are the spirits of plants and he uses seeds as mediums for his many different kinds of Over Souls. His plant is the Ocean.

(ラザホー Razahō)
Rutherfor portrait.png
Rutherfor is the very last Patch Officiant to appear and it is unknown which of the participants in the Shaman Fight she was responsible for overseeing.

Rutherfor's guardian ghost is the spirit of an alien that crashed landed on earth thousands of years ago. Her plant is the Plant of the Universe.

Chrom portrait.png
(クロム Kuromu)
Chrom was the first and only officiant to die in the preliminary rounds of the Shaman Fight. He was killed when he tested Tao Ren. Officially, Ren passed with one hit but when Chrom goaded him a little bit more, he went insane and killed him. In addition to Tao Ren, Chrom was also responsible for Faust VIII, but since he died, those responsibilities were passed to Silva and Nichrom.

Chrom's spirit was Purple Kick, a locust.


Knights Templar were the previous Ten Officiants that now serve YVS. Due to the presences of Shaman Kings within the Flower of Maize, deads are able to act as mortals with bodies in this world, with their respective guardian ghosts, and the knights act as servants of YVS and his teams. Their leader is Thorim.

Abilities and Powers[]


Since a long time ago, animals that are related to the Patch tribe turn into nature spirits when they die. When the young Patches exceed a set age limit, a ritual is held for them in order for them to find the nature spirit that will protect them in the future. Under the guidance of the Medicine Man, they are carried into a process of deep meditation, that sets them into a pseudo-death state. Then the nature spirits start gathering, and as soon as the young Patches receive one they're brought back from death's depths. In the end, each youth is bound together, by a mutual agreement, with the spirit that was brought back with them. It is not impossible for a Patch to bond with more than one spirit during this process.

Five Elemental Spirits

See More: Five Grand Elemental Spirits

Four of the Five Grand Elemental Spirits

The Spirits of Earth, Wind, Rain, Thunder, and Fire—the five greatest spirits to exist and owned by the Patch tribe—were once part of the Great Spirit itself, and just like it they formed from a collection of spirits rather than a single individual. Due to this each retains the ability to grow stronger and evolve by consuming more spirits, adding these spirits power onto their already significant power.

500 years ago, Hao was reincarnated as one of the tribe members of the Patch tribe and managed to steal the Spirit of Fire from them. He reincarnated in the present together with the spirit, to become the teenage twin brother of Asakura Yoh. The other four Spirits are currently kept hidden by the Patch Tribe, in the deepest parts of the Great Spirit and guarded by the four kings of hell, to prevent others from stealing them away.

Lady Sati of the Gandhara had plans to obtain the four Spirits and pass them on to Tao Ren, Asakura Yoh, Chocolove McDonell and Horohoro. It was theorized that once Hao had combined with the Great Spirit, the Spirit of Fire would be detached from him and from that point onwards could be claimed by Lyserg Diethel. She believes that with the help of the Five Great Spirits, the five children could defeat Hao even if he has become one with the Great Spirit and obtained the power of the Shaman King.

Anime/Manga Difference[]

In the 2001 anime series, half of the Patch Officiants are never officially introduced and many of them are only seen in cameo appearances with no real resemblance to the ones seen in the manga series. however The main focus lies primarily on Silva and Kalim, while Magna is replaced with Zinc as Nichrom's main partner.[2]


Zinc of the Ten Patch Officiants

See More: Zinc

Zinc is a shaman of the Patch tribe who fights along with Nichrom, Kalim, and Silva when they attempt to help Asakura Yoh out. Due to the fact he is in the 2001 anime series, although he does not have a plant. much Like Nichrom, he is given a power boost by Hao. Also, he is given nine other guardian ghosts to make himself a suit of spiritual armor much like Silva that can also be combined into Totem Pole Cannon like the Silver Arms.

His guardian ghost (most likely the first one he Over Souled) is a vulture or buzzard with his medium being the feather plates he wore.



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