Platinum Sword
Platinum Sword
Japanese Name: プラチナムンード
English Name: Platinum Sword
First Appearance: Chapter 278 (manga)
Type: Serei Class
Reiryoku Level: {{{reiyoku}}}
Shaman: Radim of the Ten Patch Officiants

Platinum Sword(プラチナムンード) is an Australian pelican and the guardian ghost of Radim of the Ten Patch Officiants



Oversouls and Attacks

O.S. Mike in Platinum Sword

Mike in Platinum Sword

O.S. Mike in Platinum Sword

O.S. "Mike in Platinum Sword"(O.S. マイク・イン・プラチナムンード)

  • Shaman: Radim
  • O.S. Type: Weapon Type
  • Spirit Ally: Platinum Sword
  • Medium Used: Patch Microphone

Description: When in oversoul mode Platinum Sword resembles its namesake by becoming a pure silvery blade that burns as well as doing normal slash damage. This oversoul concentrates all of Radim's furyoku into the microphone to produce the blade, this carries numerous risks but Radim's martial arts skills compensate for these. Due to this nature, any attacks made are extremely powerful, being able to cut through both O.S. Byakkou and O.S. Mastema Dolkeem easily. It also increases Radim's speed to the point where only a blur is seen, even shocking Chocolove with O.S. Jaguarman active. While under the Patch song's influence Platinum Sword becomes bigger and looks like cleaver of some kind this also increases Platinum Sword's power on radim as his speed increases even further to almost impossible to chart levels.



Mike in Platinum Sword 2


  • Shaman: Radim
  • O.S. Type: Spirit Type
  • Spirit Ally: Platinum Sword
  • Medium Used: Patch Microphone

Description: Using this oversoul Radim creates a giant pelican to swallow and engulf the oponent, the effects of which were never seen as it was quickly defeated by Yoh.


Anime/Manga Difference

Because Radim never makes an appearance in the anime neither does Platinum Sword.



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