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Radim (ラジム Rajimu) is a fictional character in the Shaman King manga and anime series. He is the Patch Officiant who is selected to be the commentator of the tournament and is responsible for overseeing Team "Mariachi" and Team "T-Production".


Radim as he appears while commentating

Radim appears to be a tall slim and slightly muscular man, who is almost always seen wearing his trademark black sunglasses. He has relatively long spiked black hair.

During his involvement within the tournament's second round, Radim chooses to wear more formal clothing which is befitting of his title and role as official commentator, consisting usually of a simple white dress shirt, a brightly colored tie, and black pants.

Like any of the other Patch Tribe Priests he also wears traditional Native American robes, however, he normally reserves these only for ceremonies and other special events. While in his Plant he does wears some of these robes but only a single element, in the form of loose pants. Radim's choice to not wear any form of a shirt is a conscious decision, as this alone reduces his weight, which is vital since his guardian ghost requires such a light load to move at high speeds.


Unlike most of the other officiants, he tries his best to remain neutral calm, but at times has openly agreed that he doesn't approve of much of Hao's ideals. He is constantly making ridiculous odd comments and announcements during the fights and mostly he acts much like a coward when the larger over Souls appear, such as with the "Yamata No Orochi Go", or crying in fear that he was afraid of needles when seeing of Mephisto E.

However, when Yoh and his friends met him in the Plant of the Lake, he showed his serious side and even said that it was sad that he had to fight them. But he still attacked them because of his sense of duty. Even though, he is still a kind person and even offered them to go home.

Abilities and Powers[]

Radim has a very agile and quick body. He is a very skilled martial artist and can strike his opponent with a quick swift and deadly blows. His strength is such that he could take on all the Five Elemental Warriors and Faust VIII on at once and only lost when Yoh used Furyoku Nullification on him.

Due to the high intensity of the Shaman Fights and the fact that he has to supervise every single one of them, his sunglasses are special made, to block of any kind of extreme light.[1] During the battle he quickly analyses the weaknesses of his opponent and he can easily calculate the Furyoku consumption of his opponent Over Souls and attacks.[2]


See More: Platinum Sword

His guardian ghost is a Pelican named Platinum Sword, with his medium being his microphone. When Over Souled into the microphone, it creates a sword of concentrated Furyoku. If he puts enough of Furyoku into the Over Soul, it will manifest on a higher level in the form of a pelican beak.


Shaman Fights Second Round[]

Radim is a member of the Patch Tribe and one of the Ten Officiants. He is the announcer inside the fights and made his official appearance in the opening fight of the second round of the Shaman Fight where he announced the rules of the fights and explained the conditions. He is then seen in every official fight during the second round of the tournament. During this time his comments work as a constant. as a running gag.

When Radim watched the fight between Hao and X-III, he recorded the entire fight. During the fight, he was injured and ended up in the Patch clinic. There Silva visited him and asked for the tape of the fight. Radim refuses to say what good is it since Silva saw it with his own very eyes but Silva simply took the tape with Silver Rod, explains that Radim would not understand and then he leaves.

He is later seen at the Patch`s Patchmarine a Submarine Oversoul, drinking something hot, while complaining about the surrounded island, saying that it would be impossible to transport the last contestant to the island of Mu without being noticed.

Invading the Plants[]

After having defeated Magna, Yoh and his friends enter the Plant of the Lake where they encounter Radim, standing in the middle of the lake. Announcing that it is too sad that acquaintances much fight each other, he also announces that he is a part of the Patch and a job is always a job.

He then reveals his guardian ghost and his Over Soul which he uses to defeat the group and killing Johann Faust VIII. However, Faust quickly rises again while he heals himself and creates his Over Soul. After a short fight, Faust has stabbed in the chest again and is seemingly out of Furyoku to heal himself again, but after he sings the Funbari no Uta, he easily energizes his soul and prepares to continue his fight. Faust's body is however quickly affected, and he dies from fatigue.

Radim defeated by "Love"

However by the "Funbari no Uta" song, Asakura Yoh is able to challenge Radim successfully push him back. Radim proclaims that it is because of his hesitation, but Yoh keeps fighting him back and eventually pushes him into the lake. Seeing that he has no other choice, Radim creates a large Over Soul in the form of a large Pelican Beak and tries to swallow Yoh whole with his "Special Technique". He is however caught by surprise in a flying hug by Yoh who proclaims that this was most difficult love to accept and uses his Furyoku Nullification at close range, successfully killing Radim in the progress. His body was then placed next to Faust and he was last seen in spirit form with his guardian ghost Platinum Sword.[3]

He later appears, together with all the other Patch Priests, within the Great Spirit.[4]

Anime/Manga Difference[]

Radim cameo in the anime series

Radim made a cameo appearance in the 2001 anime series when he oversees the fight between Team "Funbari Onsen" and Team "Enseioth", although he is unnamed.[5]


  • Like all the other members of the Patch Tribe, Radim is named after one of the chemicals in the periodic table of elements. His name is derived from radium.


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