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Rain That Falls In Spring



Haru ni Furu Ame

Japan Air Date

September 12, 2001

English Air Date

September 11, 2004



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song


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Fate of 600 Years
The Star that Signals the Beginning

Rain That Falls In Spring (春にふる雨) is the 11th episode of the anime series of Shaman King.

Summary[edit | edit source]

As Ryu is still possessed by Tokageroh, he states that he will take revenge on Amidamaru for killing him 600 years ago. As Amidamaru says to Yoh that he does not seem to remember Tokageroh because he had killed so many people, Tokageroh gets really angry. meanwhile Anna then states that Tokageroh was probably weak and asks him how he is going to kill Amidamaru's spirit anyway. later Ryu then states that he is going to kill him when he merges with Yoh, therefore he demands them to use Hyoi Gattai. Otherwise, he would kill his hostage Manta. later on, Then Yoh uses Hyoi Gattai and attacks Ryu. then Ryu is able to block Yoh's attack really simple because he has the Harusame as his new weapon, this shocks both Amidamaru and Yoh. Ryu then hits Yoh with his Togake Style Mukugii attack. Yoh is only just able to dodge Ryu's attack, leaving him surprised. Anna then later states that there are three ways to save Manta. First, let Tokageroh kill Amidamaru. Second, damage Ryu's body so he can't move anymore with the risk that Ryu might die. Third, destroy Harusame. 

A flashback is shown with a young Amidamaru tries to protect himself and his best friend from thieves but his sword breaks. Over and over again. A young Mosuke then forges him a fantastic sword, made from Mosuke's father's knife. Amidamaru is then left crying and decides to call the sword "Harusame" because he shed a tear on it and claimed it was a raindrop.

Later Anna then states that Amidamaru is not able to break Harusame because there will be doubt in his heart when he lands a full forced attack on it. Ryu then says that he is going to count to three. then he wants Amidamaru to decide if either he, or Manta dies. As Ryu starts to count to three and is about to attack Manta, his gang stops him and save Manta. Muscle Boy then states that even they understand that Ryu right now, is not normal. His gang then starts talking to Ryu about the thing that has happened and things they shared in the past. Tokageroh then decides to point Harusame at himself inside Ryu's body, so he would actually kill Ryu. As he tells them to drop their weapons, Amidamaru and Yoh decide to attack with full force. They then attack Ryu and break the Harusame. As Yoh then talks to Tokageroh if he will go to the afterlife since his plan has failed, Tokageroh states that he will not and that he cannot lose to people who help each other. As Tokageroh makes Ryu grab Harusame's remains, he soon later collapses because Ryu's body can no longer endure having a spirit inside of him.    

later on, As Anna wants to send Tokageroh to the afterlife, Yoh stops her and asks him if he wants a friend. Yoh then offers Tokageroh his body, leaving everybody else shocked. Tokageroh then later accepts Yoh's offer and merges with him. Tokageroh then makes Yoh point the remains of Harusame at his neck, leaving Anna shocked that Yoh really gave his body to Tokageroh. But then Tokageroh drops the remaining of Harusame and starts to cry. As Tokageroh cannot believe that from the moment he merged with Yoh, he had already lost. Tokageroh then leaves Yoh's body and tells them that he is done. Ryu's gang then quickly heads over to Ryu to check if he's okay. Later on, Tokageroh comments that a friend isn't aren't that half bad.

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