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Reincarnation 2: The Waiting Samurai (待つ侍 Matsu Samurai) is the 2nd chapter of Shaman King manga series.

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Long Summary[]

Yoh and Manta are at the cemetery enjoying the breeze of nature, while Manta still isn't used to get along with spirits. Yoh remarks that Manta should get used to it since its part of being a shaman, Manta asks Yoh why he came to Tokyo, Yoh answered back that a shaman needs a partner spirit and the rank of a shaman is determined by the spirit. Yoh explains that he came to Tokyo since at Tokyo there are a lot of great spirits. Manta acknowledges his coolness even though he is sometimes absent minded, Yoh then requests Amidamaru to be his spirit partner which shock Manta and Amidamaru, although appreciates but declines since he has no reason to be Yoh's partner. Yoh gets stressed and Manta grabs Yoh and drags him to the playground, Manta chides Yoh for being so reckless by becoming friends with the one who disobeyed his lord 600 years ago and who people calls him demon, although Yoh didn't sense any evil in him.

Back at the cemetery, Amidamaru talks to an unknown ghost about discussing why Amidamaru didn't wanted to be a spirit partner. The unknown ghost would be overjoyed if he were a spirit partner. Amidamaru tells the unknown ghost that he is waiting for someone.

Yoh and Manta are visiting the Funbari Local Archives which holds the Harusame, the sword that Amidamaru used 600 years ago, Yoh understands why Amidmaru declined the offer, Manta didn't understand how Yoh could know, but Yoh pointed out the ghost who was sitting on the case where the Harusame was held. Manta is shocked by surprise and asked who he was. The ghost told his name to be Mosuke and his occupation to be a swords smith. Yoh asked some time of Mosuke to talk with him, Mosuke replied by saying that he waited for 600 years. Yoh asked if knew something about the sword, Mosuke explained that he was the one who killed Amidemaru, Manta and Yoh are surprised while Manta shouts that Mosuke killed The Demon. Mosuke insults Manta and calls Amidamaru not a demon he explains his past, that they are going to work for the lord so that Amidamaru can be the greatest samurai and Mosuke the greatest sword smith.

A lord had taken them in seeing their skills, their time was at a war and that they needed a job of the lord so that they can take care for themselves. Mosuke is happy that they got accepted and will make the best sword for Amidamaru, later Amidamaru got the order from the lord to kill Mosuke, Amidamaru got distressed about this. The lord told his reason for the order to not let anyone get the same swords as the lord's, he wants Amidamaru to kill him since he is his best friend. Amidamaru confronted Mosuke and told him his order, Mosuke doesn't know what he should do. Amidamaru recommends that Mosuke flees, Mosuke replies what is going to happen to Amidamaru if Mosuke flees and suggests that they both should flee, Amidamaru explains his beliefs that he cannot kill his friend and that he can't betray the lord and stays. Mosuke then requests that Amidamaru stays until tomorrow and take the Harusame with him and make the strongest Harusame. Amidamaru accepts the request as a promise.

At the present time Manta asks that it was a promise, Mosuke explains that it was a mistake since the soldiers of the lord were watching them, they confront Amidamaru, but he doesn't intend to leave because of his promise with Mosuke and draws out his swords. That fight became the reason why he was called The Demon, Mosuke gives the fault to himself since he had the Harusame, that he killed him and that he can't fulfill his promise until he gives Harusame, even though he couldn't accept his death. Yoh is unimpressed by all this, which makes Mosuke cry in shock. Yoh exclaims that they are going to give it to him. Mosuke is surprised by what Yoh said, Mosuke turns around and sees Manta crying, because Amidamaru waited 600 years for him. Mosuke cries with over joy that Amidamaru still believed in him. Yoh suggests that they go see, Mosuke rejects it since Harusame is useless and is a ghost. Yoh tells him that he is a shaman and changes Mosuke into an Hitodama. Manta notice that Amidamaru changed into an hitodama as well. Mosuke asks what a shaman is, which Yoh explains that is someone that can bind the this world with the next. Yoh does an Hyoui-Gatai, Mosuke enters Yoh's body and asks Manta where the nearest blacksmith is.

At the cemetery, Yoh laid the sword in front of Amidamaru, Yoh gave the apology of Mosuke and manta tells him that he passed on to the next world. Amidamaru accepts the apology and notice that this sword could be only made by Mosuke. Amidamaru can't believe that Mosuke waited 600 years to give him this sword he wants to go to heaven and beat Mosuke up, however he finds it too early.

Amidamaru then became the partner of Yoh and became charmed by the power of a shaman as well as Manta. A article in the newspaper has been shown that in the Funbari Local Archives that the sword of Amidamaru Harusame had been seen sparkling and called it the miracle of Harusame.

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