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Relax is a manga created by Japanese manga-ka Hiroyuki Takei. It is one chapter long and details Hao in his third incarnation as he gathers followers in preparation for the next Shaman Tournament.

Hao goes from country to country in a span of few years and meets various people who then become his followers.


  • Asakura Hao - When Hao is first shown, he is sitting on a hill in Japan and then heads out to Hiroshima and later other countries to gather followers.
  • Brocken Meyer - In 1985, Hao finds the 26 years old Brocken in Hiroshima.
  • BoZ Brothers - In 1989, Hao finds the Boz Brothers, an 18 years old Sugimoto Ryo and 16 years old Yoneda Zen.
  • Hang Zang-Ching - In 1990, Hao finds 24 years old Hang Zang-Ching in Shanghai.
  • Peyote Diaz - In 1991, Hao finds 21 years old Peyote Diaz in Mexico, who is instantly charmed by Hao.
  • Mohamed Tabarsi - In 1991, Hao finds 21 years old Mohamed Tabarsi in Middle East, after killing some soldiers.
  • Marion Phauna - In 1992, Hao finds 5 years old Marion Phauna in Italy.
  • Matilda Matisse - In 1992, Hao finds 6 years old Matilda Matisse in an old house in England.
  • Kanna Bismarch - In 1992, Hao finds 15 years old Kanna Bismarch in Germany.
  • Boris Tepes Dracula - In 1993, Hao finds 22 years old Boris Tepes in his mansion in Romania.
  • Kouji Yamada - In 1994, Hao finds 34 years old Kouji Yamada in while he was sightseeing in France.
  • Bill Burton - In 1995, Hao finds 28 years old Bill Burton in America and saves him after a crash incident.
  • Luchist Lasso - In 1996, Hao finds 47 years old Luchist Lasso in America.


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