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Renim (レニム Renimu) is a fictional character from the Shaman King manga and anime series. He is one of the Ten Patch Priests, and together with Bron, he is responsible for teaching the other Patch Priests the true mindset of the Patch. He is also responsible for overseeing Teams "Haiti 800" and "Nazca", as well as Chocolove McDonell.


When not in battle Renim wears a standard Patch Cloak with a headband that has a feather in it. Like many of the Patch, he wears a silver plate on his chest, his being shaped like a chameleon.

When in battle he wears nothing but a short Hawaiian skirt and similar bracelets on his upper arms, wrists and ankles.[1]


Abilities and Powers[]


Renim's Guardian Ghost

See More: Clear Coat

His guardian ghost Clear Coat, resembles a chameleon lizard. What is known is that it can be Over Souled on an unknown medium on Renim's arm.[2]

In battle, Renim uses Clear Coat to create an Over Soul that completely erases his presence, including visibility, sound, and smell.[3]


Shaman Fights Second Round[]

When Silva tried to steal the remaining Four Grand Elemental Spirits and was captured, Goldva ordered Bron and Renim to re-educate him in the ways of the Patch Tribe, something Kalim seemed shocked to hear.[4]

Invading the Plants[]

Eventually Asakura Hao would be crowned the Shaman King by forfeit of the remaining three teams and his own two teammates. When the remaining teams invaded the Plants and were facing off against Silva, Renim showed up alongside Bron and ordered Silva to return to his Plant. There he and Bron revealed their Over Souls and greeted the invaders. Renim explained what they did to Silva and began revealing the way to the King's Sanctuary, but also warned them that the Ten Patch Priests would be there, to stop and kill them. They left and told them to follow the main path or get lost forever. Renim then returned to his plant, of the Jungle.

Renim defeated by Opacho

When the invaders reached the sixth plant of the jungle, Renim had already hidden himself above the entrance door. There he used the ability of Clear Coat to hide himself completely both from Chocolove McDonell's sense of smell and Lyserg Diethel's dowsing abilities. Lyserg suggested to burn down the jungle with the Spirit of Fire and Ren suggested that he could send a surge of lightning down the river, both of them wanting to remove his place of hiding. Renim in his thoughts revealed that that was the exact reason he was hiding above the door, as he was also able to spy on them and prepare to strike them if needed, and perhaps also get them to waste their Furyoku. Opacho, however, was able to hear Renim's thoughts, which kept her awake and very cranky, so she defeated him quickly and easily with her O.S. Hair Mama.[3]

He later appeared, together with all the other Patch Priests, within the Great Spirit.[5]


After the fight between Sakutaro Sakurai and Kamogawa Yosuke within the Great Spirit, Renim revealed himself to Thalim and Kalim, questioning what they should do with the small pyramid wielded by Yosuke. When three men dressed in armor and cloaks appears to claim it, Renim confirmed Kalim´s suspicion that they were the generation of Patch Priests responsible for the previous Shaman Fights.[6]

Anime/Manga Difference[]

In the 2001 anime series, Renim was never shown and neither was his guardian ghost Clear Coat.


  • He is named after the element rhenium (レニウム renium), with the katakana spelling of his name and Renium being very similar.


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