Rutherfor of the Ten Patch Officiants
Rutherfor Color.jpg
Japanese Name: ラザホー
Romanized Name: Razaho
English Name: Rutherford
First Appearance: Chapter 278(Manga)
Affiliations: Patch Tribe
Occupations: Patch Officiant
Japanese VA: n/a
English VA:
Guardian Ghost
Japanese Name: Grey Saucer
English Name:
Type: Seirei Class

Rutherfor of the Ten Patch Officiants(ラザホー, Razaho) is a fictional character in the manga series of Shaman King. She is one of the Ten Patch Officiants, responsible for overlooking the Shaman Fight.


By far one of the smallest members of the Patch Tribe, Rutherfor initially was shown with both her head and hands resembling that of an alien, more specifically a Grey. However, this was later revealed to be due to the nature of her Over Soul and the environment of her plant, her true appearance is instead that of a young girl with long black hair.

She wears the standard Native American Patch robes with a silver plating resembling an UFO on the chest of her robes. Beneath her robes she wears long cloth boots with frills and a dress with a Grey head on it and and frills at the bottom.[1]


Though not much has been shown about her, it can be presumed that she is normally very shy. As she was always seen in her Armor O.S. , and blushed heavily once Yoh nullified it revealing her true form.

Abilities and Powers


See More: Grey Saucer

Rutherfor's spirit's name is Grey Saucer(グレイソーサー). Nothing is known about her spirit beyond this, but Asakura Hao seems to know its true nature. According to Hao, Rutherfor's alien-like appearance is created by an Over Soul.[2] In the original Shaman File, Rutherfor's over soul is referred to as "The Visitor"(来訪者).

When Tao Ren mention that aliens are non existing creatures, Rutherfor reveales that Grey Saucer is a spirit of a real alien that once came to earth and had an accident with his ufo. The alien would eventually teach the humans (or more specificly the Pach Tribe) and the alien founded the basics of the traditional Patch Crafts and the Shaman Fight as well before he died a natural death.[3]


Invading the Plants

When Team "Funbari Onsen", Team "The Ren" and Team "X-I" forfeited the third round of the Shaman Fights, Asakura Hao was automatically declared the new Shaman King, and together with other nine Patch Officiants, Rutherfor went to guard her plant.

When Hao arrived there, Rutherfor guided him through her 10th and final "Plant of the Universe" to the Kings Sanctuary. There she explained to Hao the reason and way the Plants of the Mu was built.

Rutherfor revealing her abillities to Ren

When the invaders arrived Rutherfor was quick to attack them with her Over Soul manipulating Gravity, hoping to scare them away. However they still stood firm, and realizing that something more was needed Rutherfor began smashing them under the wait of her Gravity manipulating abilities. Becoming to confident she began to talk about how the spirit of her Armor Over Soul, Grey Saucer, landed on earth a long time ago, far before the first Shaman Fight was ever held. She revealed how it was badly hurt, but was treated by the Patch Shamans and in turn taught them many things amongst other about the Oracle Bell.

She however realizes that she had talked to much and insists that they should all just forget it, and begins to crush them all with a heavy gravity, only to be faced by Asakura Yoh. Having deduced that the Gravity manipulation came not from the Plant but from her Over Soul, he quickly used Furyoku Nullification to break free and then attacked with his own Armor Over Soul to shatter her's, revealing that Rutherfor was a, "Cute girl" according to "Wooden Sword" Ryu.[4]

The Plant then shuts down and hearing the Oracle Bell beep, Rutherfor realizes that the Shaman King has awakened.[5] Rutherfor is then suddenly confonted by Goldva, who tells her to run away showing her what has happened to Lip & Rap, and then suddenly tells her that there is no place to run or hide and that she should decide the way she dies, before he arrived there. As Goldva goes insane all Rutherfor can do is watch as she is killed by the arrival of Hao's zombie-like body who then proceeds to kill Ryu and Tokagero and absorbs their souls. As she herself is about to become a victim, she is protected by the sudden arrival of Chocolove McDonell and Usui Horokeu and is shocked to see the rest of them sharing the same fate. As Hao is about to target the rest she is shocked to see the sudden appearance of Yoh who cuts of the head of Hao and reveals the fact that the Hao in front of them is nothing more but a walking corpse, only to see him and Amidamaru having their souls absorbed as well, being left alone with Opacho.[6]

She later decides that she wants to stay with the Great Spirit, so in 500 years she may become a powerful ghost like all the other Patch Officiants.

Anime/Manga Difference

Rutherfor is a manga-exclusive character and does not appear in the anime.


  • She is the only one of the Ten Patch Officiants not to die during the plant invasion.


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