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Santa Muerte (サンタ・ムエルテ Santa Muerute) is the Goddess of Death and the current guardian ghost to Peyote Diaz, after being resurrected by Asakura Hao.[1]


Santa Muerte is a tall skeletal figure with long black hair. She wears a white, silky traditional Mexican dress with a flower veil and belt and wields a large scythe.[1]

Santa Muerte is shown to be incredibly possessive and in love with Peyote, attacking and killing anyone who hurts him.[1] She is also a silent spirit, not seen speaking once.

After Peyote was resurrected by Hao, he gave Peyote, Santa Muerte to protect him and after Peyote realized that Hao might want him to fight in the Flower of Maize, he accepted Santa Muerte as his new Guardian Ghost. [2]



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