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Sati Saigan (サティ・サイガン, "Sati Saigan") is a fictional character in the manga series of the Shaman King. She is the leader of the Gandhara group, one of the three great powers in the Shaman Fights. She is also the team leader of Team "Nyorai".


Ten-year-old Sati

Sati has long red-brown hair and typically wears an orange dress, probably like Daiei does, as do Buddhist monks. She also wears a crown, as she is apparently a princess and high ranking female monk in the Gandhara order, with a long veil and holds a staff, as carrying medium for her spirit Dainichi Nyorai.

Her casual clothing consists only of a simple two parted white dress.


As normally attributed to Buddhist monks serenity, inner peace, and meditation should be part of daily life. So, she is no different, as she is serene, peaceful, and seems to be very calm. She heavily believes in a nonviolent approach. She is also very polite and is the only one addressing "Wooden Sword" Ryu as Ryunosuke, his birth name[2]. As a child, Sati's personality was somewhat the opposite of what it now is as a grown woman. She was rather short-tempered, was shown to have outbursts when annoyed, and was also rather reckless. However, she was also willing to help others, like Cado, whom she intended to try and "cure" from his greed back then.

Abillities and Powers[]

With her very high Furyoku level of 700,000, Dainichi Nyorai, and healing capabilities, she is able to bring people back from the dead. She can also send people to hell. Dainichi Nyorai and all other Buddhistic ghosts have Furyoku-nullification abilities, enabling the hosting shamans to win battles with minimal violence.


See More: Dainichi Nyorai

All of Gandhara's guardian ghosts are Buddhas representing Tathagata, Myo-o, Bosatsu, and Ten. Lady Sati holds Dainichi Nyorai (大日如来, Dainichi Nyorai) in her staff (as carrying medium). She uses Dainichi for close combat and for the chant that sent Asakura Yoh's soul to train in hell.[3]



Sati originates from Tokyo in Japan and was born on December 31, 1963. When she was a child, she came to a temple that held a wooden statue of Senju Kannon and talked to it about the injustice in the world, until she was interrupted by the landowners of the temple. She was interrupted by three men claiming to be land sharks and who would throw her out unless she paid them. When Sati attempted to defend the statue and the temple, the landowners offered to take her instead because the statue was worthless. Before they could hurt Sati, Dainichi Nyorai spoke up. Slowly breaking through the statue of Senju Kannon, he threatens to beat the men up with his thousand hands, which scares the three men away.[4]

Shaman Fights Second Round[]

Tathagata Nyorai succeeded the first round after crushing Haiti-800 in the first round. Team "Myooh" lost to Team "The Ren" and there was no mention of Team "Ten"; just that all teams including "Nyorai" withdrew after "Myooh"'s defeat. That move made Gandhara's real intentions more clear.

Lady Sati instructs Cado, Yainage, and Jackson to prepare the future shamans to be prepared to become the 5 Elemental warriors. Thus, she sends Team "Myooh" to meet Team "The Ren" in the Bathrooms in order to send them to the Netherworld. There, they will learn to bring their Furyoku to spectacular levels.

She herself went to Asakura Yoh and killed him. With a powerful sutra chant, she sent him and Amidamaru to hell.

Invading the Plants[]

While the Five Elemental Warriors fight their way through the Patches and the continent of Mu it becomes the task of the Gandhara to retrieve the Five Grand Elemental Spirits. It is Sati who amongst four of them travels to one of the four hells and fights Enma Daioh, the greatest of the Four Kings of Hell and the Guardian of the Spirit of Earth.

Sati delivers the elemental spirits to the warriors after all five have been obtained. After that, she is seen on the Soul Train shouting encouragement to the warriors along with everyone else that was killed.


She revealed the reason why she didn't become the Shaman King instead of Hao, and the reason why she currently works for YVS, is because she realized that Dainichi Nyorai is one of avatars of Lucifer.[5]

Anime/Manga Difference[]

During the second round in the Anime series, a young girl of ten years of age and referred to as Lady Nyorai in the English version of the anime series appears to be based on Lady Sati.


  • Sati's name, position, and the way she met Dainichi, resembles Sachi, the incarnation of the Buddha Miroku in Hiroyuki Takei's one-shot manga Butsu Zone. She was foretold to awaken in the year 1999. She also had a companion, an Itako Princess Anna who heavily resembles Asakura Anna.


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