Savage Pan
Savage Pan
Japanese Name: サベージ・パン
Romanized Name: "Sabēji Pan"
English Name: Sabage Pan
Savage Dan
First Appearance: Chapter 84 (Manga)
Episode 27 (Anime)
Affiliations: Hao's followers(Anime Only)
Occupations: Fisherman
Epithet: n/a
Japanese VA: Unknown
English VA: Dan Green
Furyoku Level: 1020
Guardian Ghost
Japanese Name: Captain Roll
English Name: Captain Mayhem
Type: Human Class

Savage Pan(サベージ・パン, "Sabēji Pan") is a fictional character in the manga and anime series of Shaman King. He was in the Shaman Fight traveling together with Mr. Little Lake and Green Garam.


Savage Pan was a man of above-average height. He always wears a chain and anchor around his waist which is his spiritual medium. He wore a leather jacket that was open, a pair of jeans and boat shoes.


Savage Pan was a very angry man that attacked without being provoked.



See More: Captain Roll

His guardian ghost, Captain Roll, was one of Savage Pan's ancestors, that appeared before him and helped him to survive a life and death situation.


Early PastEdit

Savage Pan was born on August 18, 1965. He used to be a Canadian Fisherman before he became a shaman one day whilst fighting for his life during a fishing trip, an old man appeared suddenly, the old man was the ghost of Captain Roll. It turned out the boat used to belong to him and he provided Savage Pan with the coordinates to follow, from that day on he became a Shaman. after Captain Roll explained how he died upon one of his other ships that have sunk many years ago containing family treasure, Savage Pan decided to recover it but he couldn't do it alone and didn't have the money to get help. there he decided to enter the Shaman fight in order to find his lost family members and re-float the ship.

Not much is know about his time in the first rounds but he did win two matches and advanced to the second rounds. He got on the patch plane and was dumped somewhere in American

Travel Through AmericaEdit

Shaman King v10 c085 094

Green Garam, Savage Pan and Mr. Little Lake after seeing Hao at Yontafe

He was first seen harassing Lilirara for information. She told him that the High-Speed Image Memory Soul would not work for someone with such a weak mind like his. This made Savage quite furious and he then attacked but is easily knocked out by Horohoro's Ninpopo punch. later on, Savage wakes up the next day and sees Lilirara being impaled by the fingers of the Spirit of Fire and she was burned to her soul by Asakura Hao. He along with his two allies are also burned to their souls simply because their Furyoku level was not high enough for Hao.

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

Savage Pan's role was very different in the anime series. He teamed with Asakura Hao to defeat Lyserg Diethel. He was later knocked out by Asakura Yoh and was burned to his soul by Asakura Hao for failing him.



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