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A shaman (シャーマン shāman) is someone who can connect with the world of spirits and gods. This allows the person to do amazing things, like taking the skills and techniques of assimilating a spirit with him. They can ask for advice from the spirits, heal the sick, and gather the ghosts of the dead in this world. Moreover, by contacting the dead, they can also speak with great historical figures.[1]

Not everyone can communicate with spirits, so shamans have been revered since ancient times and there are still scattered all over the world. Shamans are located in China and Guinea tribes in Polynesia. In Japan, those who summon the spirits are called Itako and are located in the northeastern regions, while another shaman exists in the Amami Islands north of Okinawa.

Shamans can also integrate their Guardian Ghosts and other spirits into their bodies to use their skills—known as Soul Integration[1]—or integrate them with an object to create an Over Soul, but to do so one must be able to use the energy of a shaman called Furyoku.[2]


Type Description
Onmyōji (陰陽師)[3] Regarded as some of the most powerful and oldest shamans in existence, they have the power to control the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) and can divine the future.
Itako (イタコ)[3] Itako are women who can summon spirits from heaven back to earth. Many of them are blind.
Miko (巫女 , lit. "shaman woman")[3] Miko are shrine priestesses able to hear divine voices, often involving disasters.
Shugenja (修験者)[3] Shamans in search of powerful spirits, often pilgrims or hermits. Often referred to as "ascetics".
Daoshi (道士)[4] Daoshi are able to transfer a spirit into a dead body to reanimate it and use talismans to control the reanimated corpse, known as a Jiang Shi.[5]
Necromancer (ネクロマンサー Nekuromansā) Necromancers use their Furyoku to animate and control dead bodies at will.[6]
Kokkuri Master (コックリ使い Kokkuri tsukai) Kokkuri masters divine the future by channeling the spirits of foxes ( ko), dogs ( ku), and tanuki ( ri) through special boards.[7]
Yuta (ユタ) Shamans who have special healing powers. A powerful Yutas can also revive a dead body with the help of their Furyoku.
Witches Little is known what designates a shaman as a witch besides the fact it is inherited by blood.


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