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Shaman Fight
The Shaman Fight



Shāman Faito

Japan Air Date

October 3, 2001

English Air Date

October 2, 2004



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song


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Shaman Fight (シャーマンファイト) is the 14th episode of the anime series of Shaman King.

Summary[edit | edit source]

As Yoh and Horohoro take a bath, they keep wondering about the fact that they are each other's opponents in the first match of the Shaman Fight. Then, a girl visits Yoh's house and as Manta opens the door, she thinks that he is Kororo. As the girl comes in, it's revealed that she is Pirica, Horohoro's younger sister. When Pirika finds out that Yoh is her brother's next opponent, she gets angry at Horohoro for staying at Yoh's house. Pirika then takes Horohoro with her so they can stay somewhere else, and Horohoro can train. Later on, Yoh is training his Over Soul for a long time together with Manta, Anna and Amidamaru Anna then compliments Yoh on his progress but orders him to train even more. As Yoh gets home and takes a bath, while Horohoro is there too. Horohoro tells that hotels are a way too expensive so they live in the woods now, but he does not want to go back since Pirika makes him do training. Then, Anna shows up and makes Horohoro leave. 

The night before Yoh and Horohoro's match start, Manta asks Yoh why he is so calm and Yoh tells him that "it will all work out somehow". Then, Horohoro and Pirika are seen wondering about the match as well. Later on, as it's time for the match, Yoh, Anna, and Manta head for the place where the match will be. Anna then gives Yoh a battle outfit, which is handmade by her. Then, Horohoro and Pirica show up. As the fight is about to start, both Yoh and Horohoro use Hyoi Gattai inside their respective mediums. Horohoro then attacks Yoh multiple times, but Yoh is able to dodge them. As Yoh then counterattacks Horohoro, Horohoro is able to avoid the attack by letting Kororo blow cold air. Yoh then slices up another one of Horohoro's ice attacks, leaving everybody else surprising. Horohoro then decides to attack Yoh using all of this Furyoku power. Horohoro then creates an avalanche and rides it towards Yoh. As Manta screams that Yoh should block it, Yoh decides to face the attack using all of Furyoku as well. After the two of them clash, Yoh is left underneath all the snow. As Horohoro thinks he won, Yoh escapes from the snow and attacks Horohoro. As Horohoro's Over Soul breaks, Yoh has won the first match. Then Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants and Kalim of the 10 Patch Officiants are seen talking about what happened. Kalim is surprised that Yoh was able to defeat Horohoro, but Silva tells Kalim that Yoh is able to do the impossible and to maintain his calmness in a fight.

Later on at Yoh's house, as Pirica was crying because of Brother's loss. Anna then tells that it doesn't matter that Horohoro lost his first match since, in order to get to the main tournament, you have to win two out of your three fights. So Horohoro still has a chance. As Manta asks where Yoh and Horohoro are and is about to search for them, Amidamaru tells him to leave them alone. Then, Yoh and Horohoro are seen taking a bath and staring at the moon. As Yoh says that Horohoro was close, Horohoro states that a loss is a loss. Then, the two of them make a promise to fight again someday, at the final match of the Shaman Fight.

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