Shaman Hunt
Spirit Busters



Shāman Hanto

Japan Air Date

June 26, 2002

English Air Date

February 1, 2005



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song

Northern Lights

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I Have A Darkness In My Heart
It's Training! Everyone Gather!

Shaman Hunt(シャーマンハント) is the 51st episode of Shaman King the anime series.

Summary[edit | edit source]

As Mikihisa breaks the paralysis that was cast on Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants during the fight between Team "The Ren" and Team "Dairedo", later the next morning the Lily Five are seen being paralyzed by the same group that attacked Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants. As the group somehow seals away the Lily Five's spirits, they state that they seem to know about Amidamaru and Yoh. Meanwhile, Anna is forcing Yoh to train more. As they ask Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants why they haven't had a match lately, however, Silva tells them that Shamans have been running away home lately. As they talk, they hear Ryu panicking. As Yoh and the others go outside, they see how Tokageroh gets sealed away. As Manta and Tamao search for Tokageroh, however, they bump into the Lily Five.

As Ryu is crying over the loss of Tokageroh, Amidamaru hears people talking about guardian ghosts that are getting sealed away. Meanwhile, the Lily Five tell Manta and Tamao about what happened while the mysterious group of three is watching. Then, one of the three group members takes over Manta somehow and makes Manta run away from everyone. As Yoh and the others hear the news, they find Manta creating a sword somewhere. As Yoh finds out that it's actually Mosuke that took over Manta, however Fudou shows up and states that Amidamaru is an evil spirit that should be sealed away. As Fudou states that all spirits that possess Shamans are all evil, this made Faust VIII get angry because they've called his wife evil. As Fudou attacks Amidamaru and Yoh asks him to Over Soul and then fights, Amidamaru refuses. As Amidamaru gets blows away, Yoh grabs him and tries to change his mind.

Meanwhile, Anna isn't able to help because the other two members of the group have captured Manta. As Yoh asks if Amidamaru is fine by being sealed, Amidamaru states that he can't fight against them. As Yoh states that Amidamaru is his friend and not an evil spirit that possesses him, he asks Fudou what possesses him. Fudou then orders Manta to crush Yoh. Meanwhile, inside Manta, Manta and Mosuke decide to use Oversoul and Mosuke becomes Manta's spirit for now. As Manta uses his laptop to Over Soul, he then attacks Fudou. Then, Yoh and Amidamaru use Spirit of Sword and defeat Fudou. As Fudou realizes that Yoh is not being possessed, Fudou tries to walk away. Then, Mikihisa states that Fudou decided to fight spirits because he couldn't accept being possessed by them in the past.

Later on, as Yoh and the others walk home, Yoh yells to Mosuke, who is inside the Great Spirit, that everyone is okay and fine. Then, Mosuke is seen trapped inside Manta's laptop without knowing how to get out.

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