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Shaman King: Asu e no Ishi (シャーマンキング 未来への意志, Shāman Kingu: Asu e no Ishi) is a RPG game with a branching storyline, developed by Graphic Research and published by Bandai and released in 2002 on WonderSwan Color in Japan.


The game progresses by repeating "movement," "conversation," and "battle. As you progress through the game, you can obtain items called "Spiritual Pieces" from events and battles. These spiritual pieces are the source of your growth, and by consuming them, you can move the main character around on the growth map to make him or her even more powerful.

In addition to powering up each character, movement on the growth map is also related to events that affect the storyline. For example, if you stop at a square where another character is, you can make that character a friend, which will change the scenario later on. You can even team up with characters who were enemies in the original!

The game features 1 to 2 players and 3 vs 3 battles.



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