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Shaman King: Master of Spirits (シャーマンキング:マスターオブスピリッツ, "Shāman Kingu: Masutā obu Supirittsu") is a platform-adventure game developed and published by Konami. It was released on Game Boy Advance in 2004 in the United States and in 2005 in Europe.


Shaman King: Master of Spirits is an Action Adventure game, developed by KCEJ and published by Konami, which was released in 2004. In this game, you play as Asakura Yoh from the Shaman King Japanese Manga and TV Anime series.


Asakura Yoh and the gang are hanging out at the Funbari Onsen when all of a sudden, a mysterious character who names himself Magister appears and requests the Tome of the Shaman from Anna, he wants to use it to revive a previous Shaman King named Mephias, and conquer the world. of course, Anna doesn't want to hand over the tome, a fight ensues between Yoh and Magister, and the Tome gets torn in the process. After that, Magister runs away. Now Yoh and their friends must collect all the pages of the Tome of Shaman that are scattered all over the stages before Magister does, to prevent the revival of Mephias.




  • Eastern Cemetery
  • Northern Fields
  • Western Cemetery
  • Southern Mountains
  • Jungle Ruins
  • Tao Grounds
  • Industrial Area
  • Ice Lands

Spirits List[]



  • Before the game’s release, Konami held a ”Monster Contest” to name a character in the game. According to the credits, the winner was Jonathan Bretz from Maryland, for naming Mephias, The Guardian of Demons. [1]

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  • Incomplete archive of the “Monster Contest”: [1]

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  1. Shonen Jump (American) February 2004, Volume 2 Issue 2, Number 14.