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Shaman King: Master of Spirits 2 (シャーマンキング:マスターオブスピリッツ2 Shāman Kingu: Masutā obu Supirittsu 2) is a platform-adventure video game developed and published by Konami and released on Game Boy Advance on 2005 in the US and 2006 in Europe.


Sequel to the original Shaman King: Master of Spirits, you once again take the role of Asakura Yoh as you attempt to save all your friends and fellow shamans from Zeke's Spirit of Fire, who is devouring the soul of everyone in Dobie Village, where the Shaman Tournament is to take place.


"The Grand Shaman Committee

has just issued an official statement

"The King of Spirits has grown strangely quiet. Without knowing his will, we cannot proceed with the Shaman Tournament."

Committee Leader Goldva has summoned the Grand Shaman Council to gather information and discover the reason behind the King of Spirits' sudden silence.

But until further notice, the Shaman Tournament is suspended.

"Please take this time to take advantage of Dobie Village's many fine shops and boutiques!"

-The Dobie Tribe

as the story is that Zeke is having a soul hunt, and Yoh must stop him with the help of his friends and their guardian ghosts before its too late.


Training Mode only:



  • Dobie Division - (Dobie Village)[1]
  • False Factory - (Mechanism Factory)[2]
  • Forgotten Lands - (Desert)[3]
  • The Badlands - (Babylon)[4]
  • The Swamps - Silence of underwater)[5]
  • Snow Haven - (to iceberg)[6]
  • College Campus - (Caldera)[7]
  • Forbidden Forest - (Holy Woods)[8]
  • Star Sanctuary - (the King of Spirits)[9]

Spirits List[]

Combining Attacks[]

  1. Totem Attack - Totem Attack: Shots even damage Oracle Barrier.
  2. Ray of Light - Ray of Light: Summon 7 angels against enemies.
  3. Mega Memorial - 4 dolls carry you away when health runs out.
  4. Jaguarman - Jaguarman: Use when jumping to glide.
  5. UltraCavalryChg - Ultra Cavalry Charge: An expanded R.T. Assault.
  6. GrandePhantasma - Grande Phantasma: Slash with a gigantic sword.
  7. Force Field - Wraps body in a barrier.
  8. Exploder Kick - Kicks away weak enemies.
  9. Final Beam - Emits a laser all around.
  10. Blizzard - Freezes multiple enemies.
  11. Viking Ship - For crossing water.
  12. Javelin Tear - Spears rain down on all.
  13. Homing Laser - Lasers chase the enemy.



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