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Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans(シャーマンキング:シャーマンの精神, "Shāman Kingu: Shāman no Seishin") is a game developed by Dimps and published by Bandai, and released on June 6, 2002, on PlayStation. It is based on the anime series, in which the player will complete the first half of the overall story featured within the anime series.

The game serves as a precursor to the games, Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale and Shaman King: Funbari Spirits who are both developed by Dimps.


Spirit of Shamans is a fighting game that involves the usual fixed-floor 2D-plane combat between two characters, with the game ending up being reminiscent of fighting games from Capcom and SNK released in the 90s.

Spirit of Shamans has a button for a weak attack, strong attack, damaging-deflect that can block almost any attack possible, special move, forward dashing, and backward dashing. Characters perform automated attack strings by pressing the attack button in a specific order unique to each character and Super Moves can be performed via using two joystick motions akin to more traditional fighting games and ending it with the Special Move button (e.g. down, forward, square).

Each character has around 2 special moves minimum, and one Super Move minimum. Unlike other fighting games, HP is divided into two segments: an SMP bar up above, and an OSP bar below along with a GP gauge at the very bottom. Damage inflicted is done primarily to the OSP bar, which in turn when emptied inflicts direct damage to the SMP bar; upon this happening, the victim's OSP bar refills to their default max amount and the process must be repeated to fully-lower the SMP bar to end around. The GP bar on the other hand increases the damage inflicted on the SMP bar the higher it is whenever a character's OSP is completely emptied.

Another mechanic is the ability to increase the Spirit Percentage bar on the bottom corners of the screen for each respective character. A prompt from the said spirit/shaman will pop up that proclaims them to press a certain button within a brief time period. Doing so will increase the Spirit Percentage by a certain amount, and when full, can allow for 2 things:

  • The ability to have special moves and/or supers inflict bonus damage along with a chance for cut-in cinematic.
  • The ability to use a Super Move at the cost of a certain amount of percentage, causing the percentage to need to be filled up once more.
    • Getting hit and/or waiting for a certain amount of time at 100% will cause the percentage to lower over time.

Playable Characters[]


  • Yoh's Gokoujin in this game is performed uniquely as a single-bladed attack, as well as Dai Gokoujin being a stronger version of it that can be done in all three of his forms outside of his Spirit of Sword O.S. (Hyoui Gattai, Over Soul V.1 and Over Soul V.2).
  • Yoh's Over Soul V.2 form shares the same leitmotif as Hao.
    • Ren in his normal form, however, depending on the story-mode stage and if the difficulty is set to maximum, also has a different leitmotif which is a slight remix of his normal one.
  • Pyron is able to use his master's Soujuuken technique in this game, despite not using any of the Eijuuken style techniques in the manga and anime series.
  • Marco possesses the least amount of moves in the game, with only one special move and one super move, while Horohoro has the most amount of Super Moves in the game with up to 3.
  • Both Silva and Yohmei are the only characters with unique air actions; the former is able to briefly levitate in the air, while the latter can double jump.
  • Unlike most 2D-sprite games, nearly all the sprites in this game akin to many of Dimps' other fighting games all have their limbs animated individually.

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