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Shaman King Flowers (シャーマンキングFLOWERSフラワーズ Shāman Kingu Furawāzu) is a manga series by Hiroyuki Takei and a sequel to the original Shaman King series, which was announced by Shueisha in November 2011. The chapters are serialized monthly in JumpX magazine from April 10, 2012 to October 10, 2014 where the story remained incomplete due to the magazine's sudden cancellation.


Initially subtitled Flowers: The Age of Hana (フラワーズ: 花の時代 Furawāzu: Hana no Jidai), the series centers around Asakura Hana—the son of Asakura Yoh and Asakura Anna—about 16 years after the Shaman Fight in Tokyo 2000.

Hana has grown up to become a lazy and brutal kid. He does not care about his studies, skips classes often, gets into gang fights, and feels very bored of his everyday life. All that changes when members of the branch Asakura FamilyYohane and Luca—arrive to challenge and kill Hana and his father Yoh to take their place as the main house. Hana begins to learn about the "Flower of Maize", which is a proxy battle between Asakura Hao and the previous Shaman King YVS.

Volumes & Chapters[]


Vol. Flag of Japan.png Japanese Flag of the U S.png English
# Release date ISBN Release date ISBN
1 August 10, 2012 (Shueisha)
July 15, 2021 (Kodansha)
ISBN 978-4-08-879414-3 (Shueisha)
ISBN 978-4-06-524156-1 (Kodansha)
October 20, 2020 ISBN 978-1-64659-375-0 (Digital)
Chapters list:
  • 01: "Flower Bud" (つぼみ Tsubomi)
  • 02: "My Relatives Came to Kill Me" (親戚が殺しに来た Shinseki ga Koroshi ni Kita)
  • 03: "Is It Wilting?" (枯れてる? Kareteru?)
  • 04: "West Tokyo Sound Effect Festival" (西東京擬音祭り Nishi-Tōkyō Gion Matsuri)
Cover Character(s):
Asakura Hana
Flowers Cover.png
2 December 10, 2012 (Shueisha)
July 15, 2021 (Kodansha)
ISBN 978-4-08-879493-8 (Shueisha)
ISBN 978-4-06-524566-8 (Kodansha)
October 27, 2020 ISBN 978-1-64659-629-4 (Digital)
Chapters list:
  • 05: "The Return of the Precocious Shaman" (帰ってきたおシャマなシャーマン Kaettekita oshama na shāman)
  • 06: "Home Raid" (カチコミ自宅 Kachikomi jitaku)
  • 07: "Sense of Loss" (喪失感 Sōshitsukan)
  • 08: "No Eloping!" (逃避行それは非行 Tōhikō sore wa hikō)
Cover Character(s):
Asakura Yohane
Oboro Daikyoh
3 May 10, 2013 (Shueisha)
August 17, 2021 (Kodansha)
ISBN 978-4-08-879556-0 (Shueisha)
ISBN 978-4-06-524301-5 (Kodansha)
November 3, 2020 ISBN 978-1-64659-689-8 (Digital)
Chapters list:
  • 09: "Shocking Mall 2014" (ショッキングモール2014 Shokkingu Mōru 2014)
  • 10: "Setsubun" (節分 Setsubun)
  • 11: "A Demon Lies Down by the River" (鬼、河原に寝込む Oni, Kawahara ni nekomu)
  • 12: "Babylon Boy" (バビロンボーイ Babiron Boi)
Cover Character(s):
Alumi Niumbirch
4 October 10, 2013 (Shueisha)
August 17, 2021 (Kodansha)
ISBN 978-4-08-879660-4 (Shueisha)
ISBN 978-4-06-524302-2 (Kodansha)
November 10, 2020 ISBN 978-1-64659-803-8 (Digital)
Chapters list:
  • 13: "Partial Bloom" (一分咲き Ichibu saki)
  • 14: "The Flower We Saw That Day Tried to Kill You, But You Wouldn't Die (あの日見た花がお前を撲殺も だが死なない。 Ano hi mita hana ga omae o bokusatsu mo daga shinanai)
  • 15: "The Flower of Somethin-Or-Other" (フラワー・オブ・なんちゃら Furawaa obu Nanchara)
  • 16: "Soft & Cream" (ソフト&クリーム Sufuto to Kurīmu)
  • 17: "Cornered" (追い込まる Oikomaru)
Cover Character(s):
Ibuki Gakko
5 May 9, 2014 (Shueisha)
September 16, 2021 (Kodansha)
ISBN 978-4-08-879794-6 (Shueisha)
ISBN 978-4-06-524773-0 (Kodansha)
December 8, 2020 ISBN 978-1-64659-929-5 (Digital)
Chapters list:
  • 18: "I'm the Same Age as My Dad and My Uncle?!" (同い年〜オレと親父とおじさんが〜 Onaidoshi〜 Ore to Oyaji to Ojisan ga〜)
  • 19: "Death Zero 1" (亡零 (1) Na Rei (1))
  • 20: "Death Zero 2" (亡零 (2) Na Rei (2))
  • 21: "Death Zero 3" (亡零 (3) Na Rei (3))
  • 22: "Death Zero 4" (亡零 (4) Na Rei (4))
Cover Character(s):
Tao Men
6 December 19, 2014 (Shueisha)
September 16, 2021 (Kodansha)
ISBN 978-4-08-879895-0 (Shueisha)
ISBN 978-4-06-524776-1 (Kodansha)
December 22, 2020 ISBN 978-1-64659-930-1 (Digital)
Chapters list:
  • 23: "Death Zero 5" (亡零 (5) Na Rei (5))
  • 24: "Death Zero 6" (亡零 (6) Na Rei (6))
  • 25: "Death Zero 7" (亡零 (7) Na Rei (7))
  • 26: "Death Zero 8" (亡零 (8) Na Rei (8))
  • 27: "Death Zero 9" (亡零 (9) Na Rei (9))
  • 28: "Death Zero 10" (亡零 (10) Na Rei (10))
  • 29: "Death Zero 11" (亡零 (11) Na Rei (11))
Cover Character(s):
Shaman King Flowers 6.jpg


# Japanese title
English title
Release Date
Release Date
01 "Bud"
つぼみ (Tsubomi)
10 April 2012 n/a
Ichihara Ryuji and his gang attack Asakura Hana at the Funbari Hill Cemetery in order to claim his title as number one. Using Amidamaru, Hana easily defeats them all and returns home to be scolded by his guardian Tamamura Tamao, who forbids him to use his shaman skills in public. That same night, Asakura Luca and Asakura Yohane appear at the graveyard and cleave Amidamaru's tombstone in two. The next day, Hana finds the ruined tombstone and is confronted by Yohane, who challenges him to a fight. Meanwhile, Ponchi and Conchi warn Tamao about the arrival of Yohane and Luca. 
02 "A Relative Wants Me Dead"
親戚が殺しに来た (Shinseki ga Koroshi ni Kita)
10 May 2012 n/a
Yohane easily gains the upper hand against Hana and Amidamaru using only Hyōi-Gattai with Oboro Daikyoh. After delivering a shattering blow to Hana, Yohane reveals his Over Soul and is about to hit Hana with a killing blow, but is stopped by Hana's own Over Soul and quickly beaten. Luca later finds her defeated little brother and swears vengeance on Hana. Surprised with how easily he defeated Yohane, Hana runs off to find medical care for Yohane as Amidamaru reveals that Yohane's Over Soul has the same power as Yoh's Spirit of Sword. 
03 "Withered?"
枯れてる? (Kareteru?)
08 June 2012 n/a
As Tamao and Ryu find Hana, who quickly leaves to avoid getting in trouble for using his powers. Though relieved that Hana is fine, Tamao decides to go to Kyoto to find out more information on the Asakura branch family. Hana returns to Funbari Onsen to borrow a first-aid kit and bumps into the Hana-Gumi Waitresses before he returns to Funbari Hill to find that Yohane is gone. Meanwhile, Luca prepares to avenge her brother after recalling a memory of her father. That night, Hana sees Luca from his window and is attacked soon afterward. 
04 "West Tokyo Festival Noise"
西東京擬音祭り (Nishi-Tokyo Gion Matsuri)
10 July 2012 n/a
Hana holds his own against Luca's ostentatious "mikoshi" OS, throwing her off when his questions towards their motives cause her to doubt the branch family's goals. However, Hana's pity towards Yohane angers Luca, who distracts Hana long enough to allow Yohane to appear and strike a decisive blow. When the siblings combine their Over Souls to finish Hana, Anna III arrives to defeat them both as she declares Hana as her future fiancé. 
05 "The Return of the Shaman's Ambition"
帰ってきたおシャマなシャーマン (Kaettekita o Shamana Shāman)
10 August 2012 n/a
At the hospital, Anna III knocks Hana out after he insults her chest size and leaves after lecturing Hana's companions. After Ryu stops Hana from getting into a fight with Ichihara Ryuji (also recovering in the hospital), he explains why Anna III has arrived in West Tokyo. The night before, Anna III revealed the existence of the "Flower of Maize", an upcoming battle that both Hana and the Asakura branch family have a stake in. The arrival of the Hana-Gumi intimidated Luca and Yohane into retreating, after which Anna III introduced herself by real name, "Alumi Niumbirch." While Hana is dismissive of Ryu's explanation, Ryu recalls how the Officiant Rutherfor had alluded to the "Flower of Maize" during the previous Shaman Fight and wonders what Tamao has gone to investigate in Kyoto. 
06 "Home Raid"
カチコミ自宅 (Kachikoma Jitaku)
10 September 2012 n/a
In Kyoto, Tamao confronts the branch family head, Asakura Yohkyo, and brutally defeats him to coerce him into revealing who is truly behind the branch family's sudden movements. Back in Tokyo, Amidamaru admonishes Hana's contempt for the world and Hana gets a new classmate—Yohane. Because of Yohkyo's loss, Yohane and Luca have been ordered to enroll in school and a truce has been forced between the main and branch families until the "Flower of Maize" begins. However, Oboro Daikyoh would like to settle the score between himself and Amidamaru before they start getting along. 
07 "Sense of Loss"
喪失感 (Sōshitsukan)
10 October 2012 n/a
After Amidamaru defeats Oboro Daikyoh, Daikyoh reveals how he came from an age where swords were abandoned in favor of guns and he died after challenging his former comrades. While the ghosts bond, they and their masters are being observed by two unknown figures from afar. As Hana points out how Yohane lacks normal social experiences, Yohane happily realizes that he is Hana's first friend, despite Hana's refusal to admit it. Upon returning to class, they discover Alumi has also transferred into their class. She quickly causes trouble for the boys by recognizing them. Meanwhile, Luca has transferred into Ichihara Ryuji's class. 
08 "Good Boys Don't Elope "
逃避行それは非行 (Tōhikō Soreha Hikō)
9 November 2012 n/a
Believing that Luca had a lonely childhood like him, Ryuji falls in love at first sight. Hana and Yohane skip class to go to a new mall; Kamogawa Yosuke, one of the boys' observers, promises his companion to eliminate the Japanese competition before the "Flower of Maize" and to so he create a new world. At the mall, the boys are found by Alumi, who warns them not to let their guard down and leaves after mentioning how she was trained by Anna I and Asakura Anna. Yohane reveals that Hana's real mother is the most feared member of the main family while Hana expresses discontent with marrying a girl as frightening as his mother. When Yohane invites Hana to his house, Luca appears with Ryuji and his gang, whom she has recruited to kill Hana. To Hana's shock, Luca has turned Amidamaru to stone, preventing him from using his shaman powers to fight Ryuji. 
09 "Shocking Mall 2014"
ショッキングモール2014 (Shokkingu Mōru 2014)
10 December 2012 n/a
Ryuji is stunned to see how easily he can defeat Hana, who ruefully realizes how much he has depended on Amidamaru in fights as he's knocked out. A reluctant Ryuji is coerced by Luca to continue fighting after she attacks his subordinates and is surprised to see Luca's oversoul. Seeing that Ryuji's latent spiritual sense has awakened, Luca reveals that Hana's fighting ability came from a samurai ghost. Desperate to help Hana, Yohane finds that Luca has also turned Daikyou into stone. When he suspects that Luca is being controlled by the mysterious third spirit that forms the core of her oversoul, Luca dismisses him and orders Ryuji to finish Hana. Meanwhile, Hana has a flashback of his past, when his father tried to defend a baby Hana and his mother from an attacking helicopter in a foreign country. Luca is disappointed to see Hana regain consciousness and prepares to fight back. 
10 "Setsubun"
節分 (Setsubun)
10 January 2013 n/a
Hana awakens in a trance that causes him to summon several small Oni. When Luca defeats them easily by forcefully combining her Over Soul with Yohane's, Hana begins summoning more powerful Oni. Luca holds her own until an Oh-Oni strikes her Over Soul and all the defeated Oni combine into a massive Dark Oni. When her Over Soul is crushed by the Dark Oni, Luca faints. Before it can destroy Yohane, Alumi arrives and stops Dark Oni by knocking Hana out. She reveals that Hana had been killed as an infant and revived by Hao, who also left Hana with the ability to summon Oni as a defense mechanism. 
11 "Oni, Lying by the River"
鬼、河原に寝込む (Oni, Kawahara ni nekomu)
09 February 2013 n/a
In the past, Anna coerced Hao into reviving Yoh, Anna, and Hana after they all died from the helicopter attack. As a condition for his resurrection, Hana had been given the Oni defense mechanism. With the Dark Oni defeated, Yohane and Alumi see nothing emerge from the core of Luca's Over Soul; Alumi reveals that their true enemy has likely erased their memories to cover up their actions. Meanwhile, Yosuke escapes with the petrified Amidamaru. As everyone recovers at the riverbank, it's revealed that the attack on the main Asakura family was Luca's plan to spare Yohane from their father's ambitions for the Flower of Maize. When Tamao arrives to take them all back for a welcoming party, Alumi declines and heads home to see her hosts. As she affirms to her spirits that she will protect Hana, Alumi arrives at the florist shop owned by Redseb and Seyrarm
12 "Babylon Boy"
バビロンボーイ (Babiron Boi)
10 April 2013 n/a
At the party, Ryuji is impressed with Ryu and Tamao, who are his idols as legendary delinquents. As the Hana-gumi bond with Yohane and Luca over their relationship with Hao, Hana goes off on his own. At Redseb and Seyrarm's shop, Alumi secretly tells her spirits that the Munzers may not be trustworthy and their guardian, Asakura Mikihisa's spirit, is still missing. Furthermore, Alumi reveals that Golem seems to be active and their unknown enemy is one of the few shaman who know the technique to animate it. On Funbari Hill, Hana recalls how Amidamaru tried to teach him to be strong until an unknown boy appears and challenges Hana to a fight. 
13 "10% Full Bloom "
一分咲き (Ichibu saki)
10 May 2013 n/a
Hana and the shaman in the Babylon tracksuit begin their fight; Hana believes the boy is an ally of the unknown enemy while the boy thinks Hana is getting in his way of acquiring a guardian ghost from the cemetery. Without Amidamaru, Hana must rely on the gathering Oni spirits, which quickly begin to take control of him. The Babylon suit boy and his ally, Nama-Hage, realize that if they don't fight back, the Oni-possessed Hana will kill them. Forming an Armor Oversoul with Nama-Hage, the boy introduces himself as Ibuki Gakko, a member of Team Hao aspiring to fight in the Flower of Maize. 
14 "You Didn't Die After Getting Beaten to Death by the Flower We Saw That Day"
あの日見た花がお前を撲殺も だが死なない。
(Ano hi mita hana ga omae o bokusatsu mo daga shinanai.)
10 June 2013 n/a
Unimpressed by Gakko's declaration and boast that he has been blessed by Hao, the Oni-possessed Hana mindlessly attacks Gakko and Nama-Hage. Though Gakko manages to hold his own, Nama-Hage warns Gakko of the dangers of fighting Oni, particularly since Hana's Oni was given to him by Hao. Upon realizing Hana's identity and becoming disappointed that Hana will be the leader of Team Hao for the Flower of Maize, Gakko prepares to deliver a final strike to stop the Oni-possessed Hana. 
15 "The Flower of Whatever"
(Furawaa obu Nanchara)
10 July 2013 n/a
Nama-Hage's special ability allows Gakko to dispel the Oni possessing Hana. Their arguing irritates Hana enough for him to summon another Oni until Alumi arrives and stops him. After praising Namaha and Gakko, she welcomes them to Team Hao, of which Alumi will serve as manager. When Yohane appears to check on Hana, Alumi reveals that Yohane will also join Team Hao. As Hana demands to know what the Flower of Maize is, Alumi responds that it is a battle of the gods. Because previous Shaman Kings have taken issue with the current king, they intend to resolve their conflict through a battle of their chosen shaman. Team Hao's enemy includes the mysterious YVS, the Shaman King who created the current capitalist world, and has chosen Yosuke as one of his representatives. Meanwhile, Tao Men arrives in Japan, ready to be escorted to Funbari Hill. 
16 "Soft and Cream"
(Sufuto to Kuriimu)
10 August 2013 n/a
Yosuke allows for descendants of Team "Niles" to kill Tao Men, while cryptically commenting that Hana will eventually end up like Yosuke himself. At the inn, Gakko and Nama-Hage explain the structure of the Flower of Maize (FoM), as well as the reward of a miracle to be granted to each winning participant. Though Hana reflects on what he really wants as a reward, he refocuses his attention on saving Amidamaru and decides to visit Redseb. While walking to Funbari Onsen, Men is confronted by the sons of the Team "Niles", who want revenge for their fathers' deaths at the hands of Men's mother, Iron Maiden Jeanne. Though Men twice offers apologies and compensation for Jeanne's actions, he viciously counterattacks with Bason and Shamash when they confront him a third time. 
17 "Cornered, Yo"
10 September 2013 n/a
Hana comes across Men torturing the descendants of Team "Niles" and Men decides it is an opportune moment to kill Hana, whom Men believes is too weak to be his leader in order to save his mother. While Gakko and Yohane come to Hana's defense, they are quickly beaten. Hana willfully summons the Oni to fight back, but finds himself being confronted by Hao, who reveals that Hana's deliberate summoning of the Oni has killed him again. The Shaman King agrees to resurrect Hana only one more time before the FoM, but only on one condition: Hana must defeat an illusion of Yoh, as he was during the Shaman Fight. 
18 "My Dad and Uncle are the Same Age as Me"
(Onaidoshi 〜 Ore to Oyaji to Ojisan ga 〜)
10 October 2013 n/a
Hao presents his replica of Yoh, who is Yoh exactly as he was at the age of fourteen, as an opportunity for Hana to settle the grudge he has against his father. Seeing Yoh's laid-back attitude irritates Hana enough to engage in a fight, but Hana finds that he is unable to beat Yoh, who comments that Hana is missing something decisive that he needs to succeed. With Hana knocked unconscious, Hao and Yoh remark upon Hana's talent and they decide to catch up on recent events while Hana is left to explore a place deep inside his soul. 
19 "Death Zero"
(Na Rei)
10 December 2013 n/a
On an island, Hana finds a fallen Zero fighter plane belonging to Sakurai, a sub-lieutenant of the Japanese navy from World War II who is determined to rebuild his plane and believes the war is still on-going. Though a confused Sakurai somewhat accepts Hana's explanation that Sakurai has died and is trapped in a realm of Hell reflecting his own soul, he unsettles Hana with the suggestion that the world they are in is also part of Hana's soul. Their conversation is cut short when a troop of American soldiers storms their beach. 
20 "Death Zero 2"
亡零 2
(Na Rei 2)
10 January 2014 n/a
Gakko, Yohane, and Men examine Hana's dead body until Alumi arrives and directs them to bring Hana's body back to the inn. She reveals that Men is a member of Team Hao and Men admits that his parents have forbidden him from killing, thus the sons of Team Niles are only unconscious. Meanwhile, Sakurai attacks the American soldiers so Hana can get to safety; Hana, realizing the limitless power of being in the Great Spirit, uses his shamanic powers to defeat the soldiers. A morose Sakurai gradually realizes his own fate and contemplates if the world is at peace before asking Hana to fulfill a request. 
21 "Death Zero 3"
亡零 3
(Na Rei 3)
10 February 2014 n/a
Sakurai wants Hana bring his plane back to Japan, which Hana decides is impossible, as Thalim appears and brings both of them to his café for a discussion. Hana's body is brought back to the inn, where Alumi relates where his soul has gone with her Patch connections. When she leaves for school, Yohane notes Alumi's reluctance to talk about the Patch Tribe. Men asks that Ryu show him the Iron Maiden stored at the inn, but deems the device a fake because as the real one is missing the spike Men was given by Jeanne to use as a medium. When they question where the real Iron Maiden has gone, the Munzer siblings reveal that they are responsible as they require the device for their plan involving a mysterious dark-haired girl. 
22 "Death Zero 4"
亡零 4
(Na Rei 4)
10 March 2014 n/a
Recognizing the "Black Maiden" as the one who killed his mother, Men attacks her but is defeated when she forms an Over Soul with Jeanne's Iron Maiden and supposed ghost. While Men is badly injured, the Black Maiden cannot claim Shamash from Men as the Munzers have directed the Golem against her; their only intention had been to reclaim the Golem and they knew they couldn't defeat the strongest shamans residing at the inn. When Tamao returns, she forces everyone to stop fighting and asks the Munzers in for tea, revealing that they are members of Team YVS. In Hell, Thalim explains that Hana must work together with Sakurai to leave Asura while Sakurai, reminiscing past memories, asks Hana what he is really fighting for. Unknown to them, Yosuke and YVS are in Hell and have joined forces with the American soldiers to eliminate Hana. 
23 "Death Zero 5"
亡零 5
(Na Rei 5)
10 April 2014 n/a
As Yosuke approaches Hana's location via fighter plane, he realizes from the pilot's comments that Hao may be attempting to make Sakurai—known as "Death Zero" by American pilots—into Hana's guardian ghost. Meanwhile, Hana learns about Sakurai's past and why he became a soldier but vents his frustration upon recalling that he just wants to defeat Yoh. When Yosuke arrives, he offers Hana the chance to join him to defeat both Yoh and Hao. 
24 "Death Zero 6"
亡零 6
(Na Rei 6)
10 May 2014 n/a
Yosuke engages Hana in battle in order to have Hana join Team YVS. Though he admits he is not a true shaman, the power of the cards that Yosuke purchases from Yabisu allow him to use furyoku and execute shaman-like abilities and techniques. Frustrated with his opponent, Hana realizes that they met before when Yosuke had attacked the Patch Village. Yosuke further outrages Hana by bringing Amidamaru's petrified form and decides it's time to force Hana into submitting by overpowering him with the Obelisk Card. 
25 "Death Zero 7"
亡零 7
(Na Rei 7)
10 June 2014 n/a
After Hana has blasted away, Yosuke encourages his pilot Anderson to kill Sakurai, who shoots Anderson. Sakurai's attempt to shoot Yosuke is foiled when Yosuke uses a YVS card to stop time and reposition the bullet to fatally wound Sakurai once time begins again. Before succumbing to his wound, Sakurai succeeds in killing Yosuke. As Thalim witnesses everything, he reluctantly does not interfere as per Hao's orders, recalling that Hao also intends for Sakurai to become Hana's new guardian ghost. Thalim is soon joined by Kalim and Renim, who ponder on Sakurai's qualifications, before they are greeted by the Patch priests from Yabisu's era. As they collect Yosuke's YVS golem, the priest Thorim warns them about how formidable Team YVS is. Meanwhile, Hana regains consciousness on a Japanese air force base. 
26 "Death Zero 8"
亡零 8
(Na Rei 8)
10 July 2014 n/a
Redseb asks that Tamao and the Asakura family stay out of the Flower of Maize while asserting that Yabisu has gained thorough control of the world seventy years ago. Tamao refuses, pointing out how the Asakura family has supported Redseb and Seyrarm, and asks if Jeanne was truly killed by the Black Maiden. When Redseb confirms it and adds that resistance is futile, Tamao summons the Ultimate Shugen to subdue an angry Ryu. Redseb agrees to Tamao's request to wait until Hana returns before she makes her decision. At the Japanese air force base, Hana finds a number of undamaged Zero Fighter planes and is confronted by Japanese soldiers, including younger Sakurai, who does not recognize Hana. 
27 "Death Zero 9"
亡零 9
(Na Rei 9)
10 August 2014 n/a
Though Sakurai is suspicious, he agrees to his comrades' suggestion to interrogate Hana at the barracks. Frustrated because he knows his story won't be believed, Hana is stunned to learn that Sakurai's unit consists of Kamikaze pilots—their purpose is to crash explosive-filled planes into enemy warships and that the pilots are resigned to their mission, despite its futility in the war effort. Hana becomes sullen when he learns that Sakurai volunteered to become a Kamikaze pilot so a friend would not have to and questions Sakurai's resolve, bringing up a girl that Sakurai had mentioned in Thalim's coffee shop. Before Sakurai can learn how Hana knew about the girl, the base is suddenly bombed and Sakurai forced to deploy his Zero fighter with Hana aboard. 
28 "Death Zero 10"
亡零 10
(Na Rei 10)
10 September 2014 n/a
Hana is shocked by how wholeheartedly Sakurai and his squadron will sacrifice their lives for war, even if it means killing their comrades, as they are attacked by the American forces. Because of Sakurai's reputation of "Death Zero," he quickly becomes the most targeted fighter and Hana finds himself unable to concentrate long enough to form an O.S. to fight off their enemies. Meanwhile, onboard the American battleship, Yosuke contemplates why Hao wants Sakurai to become Hana's new guardian ghost as he excitedly anticipates Death Zero's attack. 
29 "Death Zero 11"
亡零 11
(Na Rei 11)
10 October 2014 n/a
Horrified with Sakurai's tactic for taking down his enemies involves shooting the pilots in their planes, Hana stops Sakurai before he can kill Yosuke aboard the carrier. In response, Sakurai shoots Hana dead and he awakens in another part of Hell where Sakurai's dead allies are. Yosuke realizes that Hao chose Sakurai to become Hana's new guardian ghost in order to give him a "unique form of evil," and concludes the worst aspect of society is how it pressures people to go with the flow to fit in. Sakurai's allies similarly believe that Sakurai's zeal for war is to eliminate the society that encouraged him to go to war without question before killing himself. As Hana reflects on what his own reasons to fight are, he suggests that Sakurai's motivation is actually loving. 

Anime Series[]

Alongside the final episode of the 2021 remake, it was announced that an adaptation of the sequel series was in production.[1]


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