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Shaman King Funbari no Uta (シャーマンキング ふんばりの詩 Shaman King The Song/Poem of Funbari) is a series of short stories written by Hiroyuki Takei relating to his manga series Shaman King and a furyoku-inducing battle anthem-turned-jingle-turned-Japanese ballad created by the Shaman King character, Johann George Faust VIII.

The series is a sequel to Shaman King and features Asakura Hana, the son of Yoh and Anna, and Umemiya Ryunosuke as they travel around to find the Five Elemental Warriors. The five short chapters were compiled and included in volume 32, the final tankouban volume of Shaman King. Upon the release of the Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang edition, Funbari no Uta is also concluded in the final chapter of the manga series.[1] Snake's Legs, a bonus track story included in the Mentalite fanbook, features the events right after the conclusion of the series.


Funbari no Uta' is set seven years (in 2007) after the Shaman Tournament, featuring the six year old Asakura Hana. He and Ryu set out to find Tao Ren, Horohoro, Chocolove McDonell, and Lyserg Diethel in time for the grand opening of the Funbari Onsen, which is run by Hana's foster mother Tamamura Tamao. The story ends with a montage of panels showing all the aforementioned characters preparing to travel to Funbari no Uta, ending with a spread of Anna and Yoh.


# Japanese title
English title
Release Date
Release Date
01 "Funbari No Uta Chapter 1 'Prologue'"
ふんばりの詩第一話「プロローグ,"Funbari no shidai ichi wa 'purorōgu'"
January 5 2005 January 4 2011
Asakura Hana introduces himself and Ryu and tells about their morning job buying fish. He also introduces his mother and how scary she is. 
02 "Funbari no Uta Chapter 2 'Legendary Warrior'"
ふんばりの詩第二話「伝説の戦士,"Funbari no shidai ni wa 'densetsu no senshi'"
January 5 2005 January 4 2011
Hana and Ryu have been ordered to gather the Five Elemental Warriors and starts by locating Chocolove McDonell in a prison in the United States. 
03 "Funbari No Uta Chapter 3 'Lost Child'"
ふんばりの詩第三話「迷子」,"Funbari no shidai san wa 'maigo'"
January 5 2005 January 4 2011
After trying to break Chocolove out of jail, Ryu himself is put behind bars. Later, Hana is also put in jail, after assaulting two tourists who were asking for directions. 
04 "Funbari No Uta Chapter 4 'The Patient One'"
ふんばりの詩 第四話「がんばる人」,"Funbari no shidai yon wa 'ganbaru hito'"
January 5 2005 January 4 2011
While Hana and Ryu are locating one of the warriors in the mountains, Hana's mother discusses his safety with Ponchi and Conchi. When the two suggest that they could have gone with them, she assures them that Ryu is enough, and it's revealed that the worried woman is actually Tamamura Tamao
05 "Funbari No Uta Chapter 5 'Funbari Poem'"
ふんばりの詩 第五話「ふんばりの詩」,"Funbari no shidai go wa 'funbari no shi'"
January 5 2005 January 4 2011
Tamao reveals her regret about not telling Hana the truth and the promise to tell him the truth about his parents, once he, Ryu and the other returns. She also reveals her desire to become an Enka Singer. The chapter concludes with a montage of the whereabouts of the Five Legendary Warriors, preparing to reunite at Funbari Hills. 
300 "Last Words"
Last Words
April 4 2009 n/a
The Five Warriors, except for Yoh, finally gather at the Train Station in Funbari Hill. While waiting on Yoh and Anna, the four of them remember the promise they made to Asakura Hao at the end of the Shaman Fight and admit that they don't have the power to change the world as they expected, when the pair finally arrive and Yoh remarks that "everything will be all right". After Yoh apologizes to Hana, they all return to the Funbari Onsen for a party where Oyamada Manta later arrives with gifts for all. 
Bonus Track "Snake's Legs"
June 4 2009 n/a
After the party the group lies sleeping at Onsen until Anna enters with the Official Guide of the Shaman Fights 2000 sent to them by the Patch Tribe. She tells them not slack off and that they should prepare for the next Shaman Fight in 2500. 


  1. Shaman King Manga - Chapter 300

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