These are the rules of the Shaman King Wiki.

The Rules of Wikia are also Rules Here


  • All articles should be properly related to Shaman King.
    • Articles about things such as dōjinshi or fanfiction do not belong here.
    • Speculation does also not belong in the wiki.
  • At best we allow subjects of heavy fan discussion to be added in the trivia section.
  • Minor tophics such as list of Furyoku, Age, etc. and characters, items etc. with little to no information should not be added as individual articles.
  • As mentioned on the main page please don't consider anime information as canon seeing that there are waste differences. If anyone feels a need to write information of importance related to the anime please add them under Anime/Manga Differnces that should be present in most pages and only if there is a visible conflict with the information in the manga (e.g. such as a character only appearing in either manga or anime).
  • During edit wars, the pages will most likely be locked for editing. If so discuss in the related discussion page.
  • Names are always the original ones. This means that Tao Ren who's name order follows eastern name order and written as such while Lyserg Diethel's name follows Western name order. This also means that Hao is named Asakura Hao and not Zeke Asakura
  • Also when giving translations, write them as such: Translated Name(Kanji, Romaji Dub Name)


Images that are uploaded should:

  • related to Shaman King.
  • ...have a Source.
  • in a proper quality if used in articles.
  • ...not be uploaded for no reason.
  • ...the character files images from the Kang Zeng Bang extras are not to be used in the history sections.
  • ... not be fanart
  • Images not in use will be deleted.

Also please don't upload entire pages of panels from the manga, they waste space in the articles and overlap headlines

Trivia Sections

In the Shaman King Wikia, users are allowed to add to a trivia section, but for that it must follow the following conditions:

  • Must be related To Shaman King.
  • Must be related To the article.
  • Must have a source.

User Pages/User Talks

  • The user pages are to be edited only by the users themselves. If anyone disagree with the content, contact the user or contact me. User_talk:Gojita
  • The same will apply to the talk pages. No content except one's own messages is allowed to be edited.
  • The user is free to put up whatever they want on their user pages, but with certain exceptions:
    • Real life images. To ensure one's anonymymity images of one self or other real life people are not allowed. If done anyway, images will be deleted!
    • Bashing other users. We on this wikia will always try to make this a happy place that people can enjoy. For that reason we want to avoid any conflicts between users.
    • Fanfiction profiles. Using the user pages to promote a fanfiction is okay, but only to a certain degree. If one only contributes to such articles, they will be cleaned up. Instead we suggest creating it on another site and link to it.


  • In most cases of spam or other edits that are rule breaking it will only be reverted, but in turn does the admins of this wikia follow a three strike rule especially if it comes from an IP ADDRESS ONLY user.
  • In heavy discussions between users this wikia's admins will not take a party. But if things go out of hand the admins will consider a time out which can result in a banning that will last from anything from a couple of hours to a whole three days. During such times users will only have access to their own talk pages.


  • If anyone wishes for an article to be deleted, put in {{Delete}} at the top of the page and write your arguments in the related discussion pages.
  • Once a deletion mark have been placed, do not remove it until the issue is resolved. Also do not remove the content of the page.
  • In many cases, instead of deletion, articles may be changed to redirects.
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