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Shaman King Zero (シャーマンキング0) is a series of omake chapters. They were announced in a radio interview with Hiroyuki Takei on September 9, 2011 and later confirmed in an advertisement in JumpX.

The chapters are serialized monthly in JumpX magazine. The first chapter was released in November 10, 2011, in volume 5 of the magazine and continued until October 2014.


The chapters tell early stories of the main characters such as Asakura Yoh, Tao Ren, Usui Horokeu, Lyserg Diethel and Asakura Hao and his followers from before the main series began.

Volumes & Chapters[]


Vol. Flag of Japan.png Japanese Flag of the U S.png English
# Release date ISBN Release date ISBN
1 Flag of Japan.png August 10, 2012 ISBN 978-4-08-879312-2 Flag of the U S.png October 13, 2020 Digital only
Chapters list:
  • 01. "New Genesis Paradise" (ニュー・シマネ・パラダイス Nyū Shimane Paradaisu)
  • 02. "Tears of the Ren" (TEARS OF THE REN Shinseki ga Koroshi ni Kita)
  • 03. "Tansu with Wolves" (たんす WITH WOLVES Tansu WITH WOLVES)
  • 04. "A Little Wicker Man" (A LITTLE WICKER MAN)
  • 05. "Matagawa Under the Bridge" (摩多川 アンダー ザ ブリッジ Matagawa Andā za Burijji)
  • Bonus. "Gag of New York" (GAG OF NEW YORK)
Cover Character(s):
Zero Cover 1.png
2 Flag of Japan.png December 10, 2012 978-4-08-890071-1 Flag of the U S.png October 20, 2020 Digital only
Chapters list:
  • 06. "Mappa Doji II (Part 1)" (麻葉童子 II ~ 前編 Mappa Dōji II ~ Zenpen)
  • 07. "Mappa Doji II (Part 2)" (麻葉童子 II ~ 後編 Mappa Dōji II ~ Kōhen)
  • 08. "YVS" (ヤハべえ Yahabee)
  • 09. "Kado, the Opulent Maharajah (Part 1)" (カドゥ 驕る マハラジャ ~ 前編 Kadu Ogoru Maharaja ~ Zenpen)
  • 10. "Kado, the Opulent Maharajah (Part 2)" (カドゥ 驕る マハラジャ ~ 中編 Kadu Ogoru Maharaja ~ Chūhen)
  • 11. "Kado, the Opulent Maharajah (Part 3)" (カドゥ 驕る マハラジャ ~ 後編 Kadu Ogoru Maharaja ~ Kōhen)
  • 12. "Merry Christmas at Sea" (船上のメリークリスマス Senjō no Merī Kurisumasu)
Cover Character(s):
Zero Cover 2.png


# Japanese title
English title
Release Date
Release Date
01 "New Genesis Paradise"
ニュー・シマネ・パラダイス (Nyū Shimane Paradaisu)
10 November 2011 n/a
In 1995, Asakura Yoh, who could care less about saving the world, hangs out at the Izumo Shrine train station with Suzu, a ghost who has been waiting for her country music loving fiancé, Shimane Joe, since he left to fight in World War II. When Suzu convinces Yoh to do what makes him happy rather than what others expect of him, he decides to thank her in the best way possible before his grandfather exorcises her. 
02 "Tears of the Ren"
10 December 2011 n/a
In 1944, a young Tao Ching slaughters and turns a regiment of Japanese World War II soldiers, including Shimamura Jōtarō, into jiang-shi. In 1995, Ching uses the 999 soldiers to test if his grandson Tao Ren will be able to achieve the Tao family's goals for upcoming Shaman Fight. 
03 "Tansu with Wolves"
10 January 2012 n/a
In 1995, Usui Horokeu is more interested in snowboarding than saving nature and shares a fragile friendship with Kurobe Tamiko. When he learns that she took him out on a date so he would not see the destruction of a butterbur field by her father's construction company, he stops speaking to her out of anger. However, he realizes the extent of their friendship when he discovers the gift she gave him at the end of their date - the snowboarding jacket he will wear when he leaves for the Shaman Fight five years later. 
04 "A Little Wicker Man"
10 February 2012 n/a
In 1992, Lyserg Diethel returns home to find Asakura Hao has killed his parents. When his grandfather also dies three years later, he ends up in an orphanage and befriends Wat Hudson, a boy who suggests Lyserg use his detective skills to earn money for the Shaman Fight. However, Wat is killed and Lyserg is shot by the orphanage owner Oknox, who sells children as slaves. While recovering, he learns that Oknox was burned to death and realizes that Hao was responsible. 
05 "Matagawa Under the Bridge'"
摩多川 アンダー ザ ブリッジ (Matagawa Andā za Burijji)
10 March 2011 n/a
In 1995, Asakura Hao has just recruited Big Guy Bill and brings him to a river-side camp in Tokyo, where Bill meets the rest of Hao's followers, who have been living without any money. Because Hao regards money as a primary reason behind the corruption in society, he refuses to use it and has his group follow the philosophy of being completely self-sufficient - even if it means stealing something to obtain it. 
Bonus "Gag of New York"
10 March 2012 n/a
In 1995, Chocolove McDonell finishes reading the last Shaman King Zero chapter in Jump X and laments how the chapter featured Hao instead of him, the fifth Elemental Warrior. Kyōyama Anna, Tamamura Tamao, Tao Jun, and Iron Maiden Jeanne appear and remark that he was too boring and unpopular to deserve his own chapter, though it's revealed that everything Chocolove is experiencing is a dream. 
06 "Mappa Doji II (Part 1)"
麻葉童子 II ~ 前編 (Mappa Dōji II ~ Zenpen)
10 November 2013 n/a
During the events of Shaman King Flowers, Hao and Yoh chat while waiting for Asakura Hana to return from inside his soul. In Kyoto of 981, Hamo Tadatomo and his apprentice Daitaro Hoshi find Mappa Douji as the source of a large number of Oni. Recognizing the child's potential, Tadatomo takes as Mappa Douji an apprentice, which incites Daitaro's jealousy. Daitaro aids Tadatomo's rival, Yamada Douma, to sabotage an Oni exterminating ceremony Tadatomo will perform before the Emperor. Mappa Douji learns of Daitaro's plan, but warns him against it; Daitaro is amused with Mappa Douji's desire to transcend human nature. During the ceremony, Daitaro hopes to impress Tadatomo by eliminating the Chimimoryo that appears, but Tadatomo unexpectedly stabs Daitaro, revealing that the boy is actually a human shikigami created by Tadatomo and Douma. 
07 "Mappa Doji II (Part 2)"
麻葉童子 II ~ 後編 (Mappa Dōji II ~ Kōhen)
10 December 2013 n/a
As chimimoryo enter his wound, Daitaro becomes the core of Tadatomo's human shikigami while Mappa Douji is restrained by Tadadomo's refined techniques. While exulting in his creation, Tadatomo is crushed to death and his spells dissipate; when Mappa Douji tries to stop Daitaro, Douma appears and reveals that Tadatomo planned everything to destroy the control of the corrupt and indulgent nobles of Kyoto. Refusing to accept Tadatomo and Yamada's plans, Mappa Douji takes Zenki and Gouki as his own shikigami and subdues Daitaro. Years later, Mappa Douji has become the Emperor's master onmyouji and is given the name "Asakura Hao". In the present, as Hao and Yoh wrap up their discussion, they are greeted by the previous Shaman King, "Fura Yabisu". 
08 "YVS"
ヤハべえ (Yahabee)
n/a n/a
09 "Kado, the Opulent Maharajah (Part 1)"
カドゥ 驕る マハラジャ ~ 前編 (Kadu Ogoru Maharaja ~ Zenpen)
10 August 2014 n/a
Saigan Sati tells Komeri a story about herself from long ago. In 1976, thirteen year old Sati was travelling in Delhi, India with a number of Buddha spirits who recognized her as "Miroku", the human incarnation of the future Buddha. However, being low on funds and having too many troublesome companions, Sati decides to approach Kado, a wealthy Maharajah known for his generosity. To her surprise, he agrees to provide money and lodgings on the condition that Sati become his wife. 
10 "Kado, the Opulent Maharajah"
カドゥ 驕る マハラジャ ~ 中編 (Kadu Ogoru Maharaja ~ Chūhen)
10 September 2014 n/a
Sati is baffled by celebrations for her wedding with Kado, whom she later finds with a bevy of beautiful women. When a servant arrives with divorce papers and money, Sati learns that Kado regularly has weddings so he has an excuse to drink excessively during the celebrations to forget the pain of losing his family. When Sati confronts Kado about his behavior, she is forced to face his powerful Ganesha oversoul. 
11 "Kado, the Opulent Maharajah (Part 3)"
カドゥ 驕る マハラジャ ~ 後編 (Kadu Ogoru Maharaja ~ Kōhen)
10 October 2014 n/a
Kado recognizes Sati as a shaman, though she fails to understand his claims as he has his Ganesha oversoul attack her. Saved by Senju and her other Buddha companions, Asura explains that Sati's ability to summon and maintain the Buddha through prayers is what qualifies her as a shaman and has made her incredibly powerful. Outraged that Sati gained so much power without even realizing it, he reveals that his greed for power lead to his family abandoning him and being corrupted by a dark spirit. Sati asserts that impermanence of things is an opportunity for change rather than loss and has Senju soundly defeat Kado's Ganesha. Her words reach Kado, though Sati is disgusted that his offer to marry him still stands. In the present, Sati reiterates to Komeri that learning to accept sadness may save Asakura Hao
12 "Merry Christmas at Sea"
船上のメリークリスマス (Senjō no Merī Kurisumasu)
n/a n/a


  • Characters from Hiroyuki Takei other work, Jumbor, can be seen in the background of both chapter 3 and 4.
  • Like Shaman King Remix Tracks, the title of each chapter is a reference to a movie.

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