Shaman Life
The Rio Deal



Shāman Raifu

Japan Air Date

August 22, 2001

English Air Date

August 21, 2004



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song


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Shaman Life(シャーマンライフ) is the 8th episode of Shaman King the anime series.


As Ryu is hanging out with his gang at a café, he decides that he wants to become a Shaman. Meanwhile, at the airport, a plane lands and a mysterious girl steps out. Then Ryu and his gang head over to Yoh's house to ask him if he can be his student. As Yoh does not know what to say, Anna agrees if Ryu would be able to pass the "test". After Ryu made some delicious food as his test, Anna tells him that he passed and that he can start working immediately. As Ryu is soon overjoyed, Yoh and Manta realize that Anna will let Ryu do the housekeeping and feel sorry for him. Meanwhile, Tao Ren is seen working out in his apartment. As Tao Ren later has a conversation with his older sister Tao Jun, she regrets the way their family treats spirits and says that she doesn't want to attack Yoh anymore. 

As Tao Ren and Tao Jun walk into a room, a mysterious girl is sitting there and waiting for them. Tao Jun then reveals that her name is Tao Ginny. Later on, after Anna gives Ryu his training schedule, Ryu has to do all kinds of work in and around the house. As members of Ryu's gang want to make Ryu realize that he is just doing the household, Ryu tells them to shut up because he is busy with his training to become a perfect Shaman and that they don't understand what training is. Ryu also states that Shaman skills have to be learned by observing Yoh. Meanwhile at the Tao apartment, Tao Ginny tells Tao Ren and Tao Jun that she came to dispose of Yoh because Tao Ren has to become Shaman King at any cost. Then Tao Jun states that they don't need her help and then orders Lee Pyron to attack her. But Lee Pyron gets beaten badly by Tao Ginny's guardian ghost, Yugai. Later Tao Ren threatens Tao Ginny and tells her that he won't allow her to hurt his older sister. Tao Ginny then just leaves the apartment.

Meanwhile, at Yoh's house, Anna makes Yoh do the training again. As Ryu is still doing the housework, Yoh and Manta go for a run. As Yoh and Manta bump into Ryu, who was buying food to prepare dinner, Yoh gives Ryu a new wooden sword since he broke the last one in his fight with Lee Pyron. As the three of them walk home while having a conversation about Shaman training, they get ambushed by Tao Ginny and her spirit Yugai. As Yoh quickly use Hyoi Gattai with Amidamaru, Yoh uses Ryu's new wooden sword to blocks Yugai's attacks. As Manta states that Yugai feels somehow very similar to Lee Pyron, Yugai uses her duplicate technique but Yoh is able to find the real one and land a blow on Yugai's face that breaks her sunglasses. Yugai then throws a smoke bomb and later attacks Yoh again with ninja Kunais. As Yoh gets a few hits, Tao Ginny orders Yugai to finish Yoh off. Yoh then blocks Yugai's attack and crushes her with Amidaryu Senpu Buttagiri. As Tao Ginny can't believe that Yugai is defeated by Yoh, she leaves the scene. Then Tao Ren is seen standing behind a tree, this suggests that he has seen the whole fight. 

As the guys decide it's better to go home quickly, a frustrated Anna shows up. Meanwhile, Tao Yúan is seen with multiple Jiang Shi's.

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