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Shamash (シャマシュ Shamashu, Mash in the English 2001 anime and video games) is a Kami-class spirit and the guardian ghost of Iron Maiden Jeanne and later her son, Tao Men.


Shamash is the Babylonian god of justice and Jeanne's guardian ghost. He established the ancient laws concerning justice, seasons, and wars in Mesopotamia as their sun god. In one of their religious pilgrimages, the X-Laws found a sacred place within an old church. Jeanne obtained Shamash when she broke the spell that had sealed him there.

He's an omnipotent Kami-Class spirit, but he seldom does anything because the human world appears boring and stupid to him. He usually stands there with Jeanne just to instill respect, and only occasionally does he show his strength.[1] When he eventually does, Shamash can be used to manifest various torture tools depending on which intermediary object is used. The mediums can variate from the faceplate of the Iron Maiden to Jeanne's helmet and even a pair of iron bolts.

Shamash is later given to Jeanne's son, Tao Men, as protection against Red Crimson.[2]

Iron Maiden Jeanne's Oversouls and Attacks[]

O.S. Shamash[]

O.S. "Shamash"(O.S. シャマッシュ)

O.S. Shamash

Description: Using her iron maiden's mask as a medium, Jeanne creates a gigantic doll-like version of Shamash that has an axe for a right arm and a body cage hanging from chains attached to its left fingers. The cage is capable of changing size, depending on the opponent. While Shamash is integrated, Jeanne stands in the iron maiden at the bottom of Shamash's helmet.[3]


  • Shamash Judgement:(シャマシュ裁判,"Shamashu Saiban") After caging in her opponent, Jeanne makes use of Shamash's large ax-arm to execute them.
  • Shamash Kiss:(シャマッシュキス,"Shamasshu Kisu") Shamash can resurrect people by kissing them on the lips. While using this ability, the O.S. appears as Shamash is regularly seen in his spirit form.
  • God Hug:(神の抱擁, "Kami no hōyō") Shamash becomes colossal in size and forms normal hands for a hug. Jeanne used this "attack" on Hao who was inside the Great Spirit when everyone killed by Hao returned to show him, love. The effect of God Hug was never shown, as it was interrupted by Luchist Lasso.[4]

O.S. Torture Tools[]

O.S. Torture Tools (具現化オーバーソウル拷問器具トゥーチャーズ) Ōbā Souru Tūchāzu)

Description: By integrating Shamash's arms with the screws, Jeanne is able to create various torture instruments such as spike-seated chairs, guillotines, and knee breakers.[5]


  • Gibbet (ギベット Gibetto): A cage that stops the opponent from moving.[3]
  • Interrogation Chairs (審問椅子 Shinmon Isu): Chairs with spikes in them are materialized. The chair also has straps that bind the victim and press them into the spikes.[5]
  • Guillotine (ギロチン Girochin): A guillotine materializes which is used to behead an enemy.[5]
  • Statue of Apega (アペガ像 Apega Zō): A statue with two protruding spiked boards which are compressed to crush the victim in-between.[5]
  • Knee splitters(ニースプリッター, "Nīsupurittā"): Shamash creates a pair of wooden planks that wrap around a victim's head and knees. The planks are then squeezed together to break the bones.

Tao Men's Oversoul and Attacks[]

O.S. Shamash[]

'O.S. Shamash (O.S. 'シャマッシュ)

O.S. Shamash

  • Shaman: Tao Men
  • O.S. Type: Spirit Type
  • Spirit Ally: Shamash
  • Medium: Suitcase

Description: Tao Men is capable of creating a giant version of Shamash just like his mother, but with a less mechanical and more mature look. The axe handle on the right arm is also slightly longer. While using this Over Soul, Men sits on top of his suitcase, which is placed on the brim of Shamash´s hat.


  • The Spiked Wheel (スパイクホイール, "Supaikuhoīru"): Using Shamash to capture his opponent, Men creates wheels that strap the target to it. This device is capable of breaking the target's limbs by being pinned. The wheel is attached to a plank of wood that has sharp spikes on it.

O.S. Torture Devices[]

O.S. Torture Devices

Description: Tao Men is capable of creating torture tools just like his mother.


  • Interrogation Chairs (尋問チェア,"Jinmon Chea"): Chairs with spikes in them are materialized. The chair has straps that bind the victim and press them into the spikes.

Anime/Manga Difference[]

Gate of Babylon[]

In the 2001 anime series, Shamash is the key to opening the Babylon Gate, an inescapable portal to another dimension. This is how the X-Laws' plan to defeat Asakura Hao. Once it is opened, everyone, including Hao's team and Yoh's friends, is sucked into it. However, before the gate closes, the Spirit of Fire grabs Shamash and pulls it in with them, later on devouring him and gaining his powers, after which it easily broke out of the gate. Jeanne's attempt to seal away Hao fails and almost costs Jeanne her life.[6]


Shamash Spirit Ball Mode

  • As a part of a 20th-anniversary celebration, Hiroyuki Takei put together a new illustration to serve as the exhibition’s key visual, one of them being spirits shown in spirit ball modes that were never shown in the series, Shamash being one of them.


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