Shamon 3
Japanese Name: 沙問
English Name: Shao-lin
Meaning: "Young forest"
First Appearance: Chapter 16
Episode 7 (Anime)
Type: Human Class
Jiang Shi
Reiryoku Level: n/a
Shaman: Tao Yúan
Asakura Yoh

Shamon (沙問, Chinese pinyin: Shāwèn, known instead as Chāolín/Shao-lin in the English version), is a fictional character in the Manga and Anime series of Shaman King. He is the master of Lee Pyron and later on, he was known as Ichi-Johtoh (壱上等, Ichi-Jōtō; lit. First-Class One), the leader of a Jiang Shi corps under the control of Tao Yúan. He is voiced by Ken'ichi Ogata in Japanese version of the anime series.


In his original human form, Shamon was an old man with a grey thin beard and mustache. After his soul was infused into a Jiang Shi body, he wears a white Chinese uniform and a white Chinese hat. His face is covered up by a cloth mask that only reveals his left eye.


Abilities and PowersEdit


Eijuuken (Sharp Gun Fist)

  • Beida or Haida (背打, Back Strike): Shamon attacks his opponent from behind.[1]
  • Eijuuken Ougi: Soujuuken (鋭銃拳奥義: 双銃拳; literally Sharp Gun Fist Secret Skill: Twin Gun Fist): Shamon uses both of his fists to thrust-punch his opponent at once.[1] Known as the Ethereal Punch or Imperial Punch: Double in the English version.


Dǎodàndào (導弾道, ダオダンドウ, Guided Ballistic)

  • Huǒjiànjiǎo (火箭脚, フォジャンキャク, Fojankyaku or Kasenkyaku; literally Rocket Leg): A thrust kick aiming up in the air to send an opponent flying.[2]
  • Zhōujì Dǎodàn Jiǎo (洲際導弾脚, ゾウジダオダンキャク, Zouji Daodan Kyaku or Shuusai Doudan Kyaku; literally Intercontinental Guided Bullet Leg): A downwards kick in the air to send an opponent crashing to the ground.[2]
  • Hōngzhàjiǎo (轟炸脚, ホンジャキャク, Honjakyaku or Gousakkyaku; literally Bombarding Leg): A flying kick to an opponent's face or body, which can send a target flying.



Shamon was born on March 31, 1895, and he initially trained Lee Pyron and allowed him to become a master tactician in the art of combat. Pyron acquired many of his skills from him and used them to further his education and combat skills in the arena of film production. Pyron went on to become a famous movie star as well as a legendary fighter and combatant due to Shamon's training. However, Shamon's death left Pyron. in a search to better of his skills, even without the presence of his great master.

Coming to TokyoEdit

After Pyron was brutally murdered by an unnamed hitman with a gunshot to the forehead, his corpse was used as a Jiang Shi for many years for the Tao family until he fought against Asakura Yoh in a relentless battle and was freed from the Jiang Shi control Talisman. Then, out of anger for what had happened to him, Pyron, later on, attacked Tao Jun, only to have Anna use her shamanic skill to summon Shamon from the other side and fight against his student. Shamon was able to defeat his student Pyron and release his mental anguish and internal suffering. As a result of this meeting between student and master, Pyron decided to serve Tao Jun out of his own will and compassion to become an even more formidable foe.[1]

Shaman Fights in TokyoEdit

After Tao Yúan located Shamon's spirit, he infused it with a Jiang Shi body to lead his deadly squadron of five half-animal warriors called the Gohukuseitai. He and the rest of the Gofukuseitai confront Yoh and his friends who came to save Tao Ren and quickly overpower them with quick moves. After Umemiya Ryunosuke and Usui Horokeu defeat and destroy four of the Gofukuseitai, Shamon himself joins the battle and quickly and easily defeats the two and then fights against both Ren and Yoh. It was only when Jun arrives that he is defeated by Lee Pyron, who splits Shamon's body in half with a single kick.[2]

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

In the anime series, Tao Yúan was also able to speak and see through the Jiang Shi and even empower him, using his own Furyoku.[3]



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