Japanese Name: シャローナ
Romanized Name: "Sharōna"
English Name: Sharona
First Appearance: Episode 26
Affiliations: Lily Five
Occupations: Shaman
Leader of Lily Five
Epithet: n/a
Japanese VA: Rumi Ochiai
English VA: Megan Hollingshead
Furyoku Level: n/a
Guardian Ghost
Japanese Name: Enra Enra
English Name: Enla
Meaning: "Capable"
Type: Nature Class

Sharona (シャローナ, "Sharōna") is a fictional character in the anime series of Shaman King. She is the leader of the group of Lily Five.


Sharona wears a blue long skirt with a short blue top along with black high heels. She has blond hair and brown eyes, which will turn cat-like when she is angry. Her Oracle Bell color is blue


Unlike Lilly, Millie, Ellie and Sally, Sharona is greedy. She wants the other to do as she says and always use her plans. She also seemed to have a small grudge towards Lilly and Millie at times. However, she's also been shown to be brave and determined.

Abilities and Powers

Sharona does not appear to be much of a fighter. She seems to rely on her spirit Enra Enra to do most of the fighting.


See More: Enra Enra

Her medium is her golden pipe. Her spirit Enra Enra (えんら えんら) can shapeshift into various objects upon by Sharona's wish.



She was once abandoned by a child who abandoned her whole she offered to help while she was taking care of because of her ability to see ghosts. She may have been a babysitter before becoming a shaman.[1]

Travel Through America

Sharona and Lily Five spent most of their time following Asakura Yoh. First, they tried to sabotage Yoh's efforts to get to the tournament. Then they decided to let Yoh and his group lead them to where the tournament would be held.

Shaman Fights Second Round

Sharona and Lily Five did not fight in any matches until later in the tournament. They were eventually scheduled to fight Asakura Hao's team. They did plan on fighting but Yoh tried to talk them out of it. Sharona was convinced that she and the five could beat him if they worked together, but Yoh was not. He challenges them to a fight, where if he lost he'd let them fight Hao, but if he won, they'd drop out. In the end, the Lily Five did win, but at the cost of all their Furyoku levels, rendering them unable to fight against Hao anyway. In the end, Sharona considered the Lily five had made themselves famous just for "standing up" Hao by not showing up to their match.


After the shaman tournament, Sharona and the rest of her teammates opened up a flower shop together with the help of Silva and Kalim.

Anime/Manga Difference

She doesn't appear in the manga. In the Japanese anime, she had a grudge against Lilly and Millie. But in the 4Kids version of the anime series, she never had a grudge against them.



  1. Shaman King Anime - Episode 53

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