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Shikigami Kooni
Shikigami Kooni.jpg
Japanese Name: 式神小鬼
English Name: Shikikami Koonin (Games)[1]
Meaning: "Tiny oni"
First Appearance: Chapter 9 (Manga)
Episode 4 (Anime)
Type: Nature Class
Reiryoku Level: n/a
Shaman: Asakura Yohmei
Asakura Yoh
Japanese VA: n/a
English VA: n/a

Shikigami Kooni are spirits in the Shaman King series.

About[edit | edit source]

These spirits are not like proper human or animal spirits as they inhabit both stones & leaves. Yoh was seen training to summon one by his grandfather, however, he failed. His grandfather had effortlessly summoned three of them by his feet, meaning they aren't hard to summon.

The small Shikigami can be used for fighting, especially if a large quantity is summoned. However, Yohmei is the only character who has been seen to effectively use them in combat; though Yoh is capable of doing the same, he is too unskilled to use the technique to fight with[2][3].

Oversouls and Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Shikigami Kooni

By using a Shikigami summoning technique, which is his specialty, Yohmei can create and control any number of these small Over Souls using small leaves as their mediums. Yohmei almost constantly uses these, even outside of combat, to do small tasks like fetching items, holding the newspaper, and so forth. However, if he so wishes they can send verbal messages or even kill people if they have sufficient numbers. These spirits don't appear to be particularly smart

  • Asakura Shiki Onmyō Jutsu - Hyaku Shikigami (Asakura Style Yin and Yang Technique - Hundred Shikigami Kooni) This is Yohmei's favored technique which creates countless Shikigami Kooni, that he can then use to surround an opponent and attack them from all directions at once. Yohmei also had an unnamed attack where he summoned three Shikigami Kooni and used them to attack Yoh and although this has no name we can presume that the attack is similar to Asakura Shiki Onmyō Jutsu just in a smaller amount.[4]

Anime/Manga Difference[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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  • leaf A Wikipedia article about Shikigami Kooni's medium

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